Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mysterious Quotes

Willingham confirmed that Savannah, Ossai and Bulyca all did not start for discplinary reasons. Sounds as if Davenport was benched after the second play, when he gave up the long TD to Thomas, for some sort of non-injury reason, as well. Willingham said only that he was not "comfortable'' with Davenport out there. Kent Baer said "you'd have to ask him'' when asked why Davenport didn't play after that play.

Sounds like a guy that is losing control of his team if you ask me. Bulyca, and Savannah were benched for a series a couple of weeks ago for disclinary reasons.

Davenport gets benched the entire game on the second play when your defense gives up 48 points? You have to ask Davenport, or do you have to ask Willingham?

The defense was baffled and couldn't figure out the coverages when coaches tried to mix things up – three down linemen, nickel package, penny package. Guys were clearly confused. Why didn't Davenport return? Why wasn't Stevens – an obvious play-maker – playing more?

Why exactly isn't Chris Stevens playing more?

Are the coaches playing the best players every week?


prrbrr said...

HIE, I read a lot on stadium fund raising and lack thereof and what TT hasn't done. I thought I would pass this on to you, you have my permission to repost it wherever you want as I think it demonstrates how truly clueless TT is.
This is from the Dawg Digest Oct 2007,a publication produced by UW athletic department for TYEE:
Quote " Phil Pilewski has been named assistant director for major gifts. Phil comes to the University of Washington after serving as an annual giving field representative for the North Carolina State Wolfpack Club for the past three years. Phil graduated from university of Toledo with a bachelor's degree in business administration and the University of Massachusetts - Amherst earning his Masters of Science in sport management." end artical. So maybe Phil is great but to hire a guy from the east coast and ACC as assistant director for major gifts? Does TT think this guy will schmooz succesfully the big Seattle $$$ donors to give? To me it shows TTs east coast/SEC vandy leanings and lack of how the $$ come at UW. This is at least his 3rd hire that I can recall of people/acquaintinces from the East Coast.
I personally think we need to start here. TT must go soon, and then TW given a mandate to perform to standards. I agree with you,this staff and administration lost me this past week and todays game BTW, when TT does double the ticket prices for those "true football fans to pay for a new press box and luxury seating, because his product is undervalued compared to texas, USC and ?" (can't remember who he used as the 3rd example but it was a winning team, he will still receive the same total amount from me, it will be just 2 tickets less leaving HS even less full. Bottom line, TT will think he successfully got more money out of me, but in fact will be even less total, because besides dropping the 2 tickets, we will also quit giving extra as we have for years.
johnb, I will not regret this post tomorrow or even in 3 days. Baer is incapable of adjusting, TW might have lost his team with his comments this week, and the AD is clueless to announce a possible ticket price raise to support the AD. Please note also that TT did not say the added funds will go into a separate fund solely for the purpose of restoring HS, which i would gladly give too. I believe he intends to use it at his discretion, the old trust me.
Sorry for the ramblings, but I am torqued.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Prrbrr I totally agree with you.

hairofthedawg said...

multiple expletives deleted....

t9odawg said...

The word on the street is that at least two TYEE board members have gone to Emmert saying TT needs to be gone. TT's contract runs until next June and no extension has been offered nor should one IMHO

The idea/plan was hire a new AD and have him can Ty after next season.

I spoke with Fleenor pre and post game. He's not writing any checks for anything any time soon except to renew, maybe for golf. I expect him to come out hard against the status quo.

I also heard a disturbing rumor regarding players leaving that I will not repeat unless it becomes fact

dadcojohn said...

If something needs to be done it should be done ASAP. I don't want to screw the pooch on this recruiting season and if we hire Mora it could be salvaged. I don't know how that works with the Seahawks or if it is possible.

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i hate these malicious attemps to destroy the career of any young star, these situations really piss me off.