Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oregon Preview

Last week I went way out there, and predicted a Husky victory over Arizona State on the road. My reasoning was based on the sentiment that ASU hadn't really played anyone yet, and if Jake Locker was going to break out this season it would be after the bye week.

I was only half right.

The Huskies played the type of football that produces victories in the first half, and inexplicably fell off the map in the third quarter for the fourth consecutive week. What makes it worse is nobody has any answers for it, not even the coaches.

Now we play Oregon who I feel may be the best team in the nation right now and the confidence in the Huskies is really at an all time low as Emmert, and Turner have been bombarded all week by demands for the dismissal of the coaching staff at the end of the season by the rank, and file.

As we all know the rank and file really don't matter, the guys who make that call have the big bucks, and it really isn't clear yet what the leaders of the big buck boosters are currently thinking since they are the ones that would have to come up with the 3 million to make that happen, and close to another 2 million to bring another regime in.

I personally think nothing will happen this season no matter what the outcome is. It is just too soon no matter what type of writing is beginning to appear upon the wall.

The seat is now becoming very hot for Ty, and company, and you have to ask yourself is it really fair in the middle of year three of a regime that was handed a very handicapped program to begin with? Stanford defeating USC didn't do our staff any favors because that was a signature win in year one for a program that was as low, as low gets. Todd Turner on the other hand wants everyone to think of Kentucky.

UW goes into this game against Oregon with their backs against the wall, and as you can see by the fan poll there aren't a lot of believers left on the train this week.

Why Oregon Will Win

Oregon has way too much speed, and power for the Huskies to handle. The Ducks have the most high powered, and balanced offense in the country. The Ducks can beat you by air, and land. Their defense is tough, very similar to what UW faced last week in Tempe, but a little more talented. You put that defense together with their offense and compare it with what UW is bringing to the table on Saturday, and you have to favor the Ducks by up to four touchdowns. If the Ducks can humble Michigan at the big house they should have little trouble in Seattle with the Huskies. Emotion is another problem the Huskies have had with the Ducks. UW under Willingham hasn't shown any fire for this game which is strange because they are classified as our most hated rival.

Why Washington Will Win

The only way Washington beats Oregon is if they self destruct. It is as simple as that. Turn over the ball five times to Washington deep in their own territory and a miracle can happen. The Ducks are also susceptible to giving up big runs. Louis Rankin may be able to find some creases against the Oregon defense. Jeremiah Johnson is out for the season, and the Ducks have also lost their two top receivers, that could slow them down on Saturday. Dennis Dixon has had an excellent year but Husky Stadium could rattle him into some mistakes. Jonathan Stewart is a stud, but the loss of Johnson takes away the change up that he thrives on. finally Jake Locker needs to complete over 55% of his passes for our offense to have a chance at being successful. Jake completed 33% last week at ASU after starting out hot...ouch.

What do I think?

I think the Huskies will come out and do their best early like last week, but they won't be able to keep up with the Ducks once they find their rhythm. Seeing the Huskies up close last week allowed me to see the whole field and I wasn't very impressed with our skill players. We just don't have the athletes the other teams have. I have to hand it to our guys though, they play hard, they don't give up, and they are doing the best that they can. I wouldn't say they are over achievers, over achievers find a way to win. Sadly I have to say that I am taking the Ducks this week by 22 points. I am thinking 42-20 after a close first half. I'm not giving up on this team, and I still think they can finish the season 5-3 with some breaks, but those breaks aren't coming this week.



UW will come out strong. This is their #1 game on the schedule. But, as you say, barring turnovers UO shouldn't have too difficult a time.

prrbrr said...

HIE, glad to see you step away from the ledge, you had me worried. You have always been positive and supported the program thru so it did concern me, but what wouldn't after last weeks performance. There are some good tidbits by Condotta about statistics from both halves, and how despite the disparity, the 1st half scores remained close.
I noticed that ASU announced that Ryan Torain is done for the year. We keep setting up teams to knock off our past week opponents with our hard hitting. I was surprised Carpenter got up from the goal line hit. It shows we slowly continue to being tough hard hitting Huskies. Hopefully we can welcome home J stewart or Dixon early with a big hello welcome to Husky football hit.
They are a very talented team, and should paste us, but USC should have slaughtered the Furd.
Lets play the game anyway.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We do keep injuring the other opponent, and that is a good sign that we continue to hit hard. The team is better than the previous four even though the record doesn't indicate it yet.

Seeing them in person really opens your eyes because you see so much more going on out there than you do on TV.

We need some serious skill guys to move to the next level.

Our big guys need to be better conditioned.

We need some hammers in the secondary.

We need our linebackers to grow up.

The more I think about it the third quarter problems seem to be more about a team that is worn out in the second half, and that is when those physical, and mental gaps tend to catch up with you.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I deleted an earlier post.

If you don't like what you read here simply don't come here. Sorry the comma's aren't to your liking today, but I am trying to keep this going while on vacation, and if I am in a hurry I apologize for any errors I might make in a glaring sun.

But honestly, you need to go elsewhere, we don't need you, or your rude comments. I would much rather have football fans, friend or foe come by with some meaningful content, even the Ducks do that well.