Monday, October 29, 2007

Todd Turner's Monday Letter to the Fans

No question that our football season has left us all feeling frustrated... none more so than our players, their coaches, and the staff. Their lives are wrapped up in this 24/7, 365 days a year. They worked incredibly hard preparing for this year. Their expectations exceeded those of even our most ardent Husky fans, some of whose frustrations now are played out online and on the radio talk shows. It's all very understandable. We all want only the best for the young men in purple and gold.

Regardless of the expectations and, more importantly, the final scores of our first eight games, our team and staff haven't given up. They've fought to the last second in every game. They've represented the UW with character and dignity in the face of some terribly disappointing days. They've kept their frustrations in check, instead choosing to focus on the next play, the next game.

There are five very important games remaining this season. There is still an opportunity for this team to take a very big step forward. I, for one, am not giving up on our team or our staff. They have proven themselves to be fighters who will not throw in the towel. They are terrific young men. They are our Huskies and are deserving of our support until the final whistle blows.

I want to thank the many Huskies I have heard from personally lauding our team and its leadership for their character, tenacity, and grit. Thanks for your steadfast support. I also want to encourage those whose frustrations evoke some pretty emotional responses directed at our coaches, staff, and even our players. I understand your disappointment. If you are a fan, which all of us are, you can't help but want your team to make you proud. And, while I know this isn't easy to do when the scoreboard isn't your friend, the ultimate satisfaction is in the process of overcoming adversity with steadfast, unwavering character and phenomenal effort to build something enduringly special... and that's our goal.

All of us involved with the football program appreciate your support. We know how passionate you are about the Huskies. We know how much you care. We know the expectations. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Todd Turner
Athletics Director

I think Todd feels the same way I do actually. We have five games left, and in those five games we can make a difference, and it all starts on Staurday at Stanford. This Arizona loss was tough for all of us, but we all saw the silver lining of Jake Locker last weekend. Any game this guy starts from now on we have a chance to win. We of course have to score a lot of points to outscore the opposition because I don't know what you need to do to turn around that defense other than get key guys healthy.


Anonymous said...

can anyone get a link to the king 5 evening sports tonight that showed a clip of coach ty blabbering on about positive and negative forces?

t9odawg said...

there you have it