Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time to Bite the Bullet

Ty Willingham keeps saying that he needs a few more bullets in his gun, I think he should use one of those last bullets on himself, and resign as Washington head coach at the end of the season.

Let's face it gang, this team isn't getting any better, and we aren't recruiting at a high enough level to turn it around. Ty needs to go, and if if Todd Turner doesn't agree he also needs to be shown the door.

The only thing we have going for us right now is Jake Locker, take away Jake Locker, and you have one of the worst teams in division one. I have never seen a Washington defense that gets progressively worse each week. I have never seen a Washington team that scored 41 points and still lost a football game. To me that is totally unforgivable.

I have been what is called a Posi Dawg on Dawgman ever since Ty was hired, but I have finally had enough, and true to my word I am making my call in the middle of his third year once all bowl possibilities have been exhausted.

I started this blog to be supportive of Willingham, but frankly I have had enough of this crap.

It will cost UW 3 million to fire Willingham, and it is the best investment they can ever make. While your at it fire Turner too, and bring in Bill Moos.


dadcojohn said...

TW needs to stay in my opinion unless he does not fire Baer.

Health Insurance Expert said...

You have to consider the lazy recruiting, and the lack of promotion of the program. You can put up with it if he wins, but it just isn't happening. Today was the last straw, we blew it against ain inferior team. I have had enough.

He will never fire one of his coaches, you can count on that. The only way you get rid of Baer is to get rid of Willingham.

The only way you get rid of Willingham is to get rid of Turner.

Anonymous said...

Well, then, it's up to Emmert, isn't it?
If it's all just the same gang still standing on Monday morning then you know the rot goes straight to the top.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Emmert needs to make the decision because Turner is incapable.

Actually the pressure needs to come from the big buck boosters. Those are the guys that need to pony up the 3 million.

Topdawg said...

Health Insurance Expert said...

I have one problem with the Fire Todd Turner Site. The authors don't post there names. If you want to fire someone have the courtesy and courage to put your name out there.

hairofthedawg said...

As Jim Bouton once memorialized Joe Schultz...shitfuck...or was it fuckshit...either is appropriate...or not. My name is Richard Harry Stevens Jr. and Ty needs to go. I'm more pissed at Baer, but you know where the buck stops and yesterdays was a buckstopping day.

Topdawg said...

Interesting you would call us out for not putting up bios...yet you call for Ty's head and I don't see your name rank and serial number.

No offense, as I enjoy your blog...but those that need to know have our information...those that don't...don't.

Anonymous said...

Now you guys are starting to realize that Notre Dame was right to let Ty go. Ty had lees-than-acceptable recruiting, which is hammering the Irish this year (his final year of lackluster recruiting impact at ND). You would be wise to let him go, and no, it won't be a racist thing. The guy simply cannot perform up to the levels necessary to achieve & maintain a winning program. Recruiting is critical, and he would rather play golf.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Topdawg - I am not going to split hairs on this one because you are correct, my name isn't on this blog. It is however in the Seattle PI every Tuesday when Nathan, and myself do our Q and A.

The omission isn't intentional, and this site has been writing positive articles on the Husky program for the past two years and wasn't started as a vehicle for the termination of anyone.

I always said that I would wait until year three to pass judgement on the current staff, and administration which is more than fair.

Here we are in year three, and once again we are at the bottom of the league, and not beating a team we should beat.

No matter what happens this site isn't going to turn into the fire Willingham, and Turner site. I will continue to try to find the positive.

As far as coaching goes, I think the program needs some significant change. At the very least we need change in the assistant coaching ranks, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

On the AD side of things Turner has me mystified when it comes to the remodeling of Husky Stadium since after almost two years of working on the project he does not have a fund raising plan in place.

Anyway, since you have pointed it out, and since this site is about to take a fork in the road which will be critical of the current administration Ihave no problem throwing my name out there and will make the change.