Monday, October 29, 2007

Ten changes I would make this week

Since my theme today is to be positive I thought I would list some changes I would make immediately to help salvage the season if I was in charge. Now keep in mind I'm not Don James, I don't have all the answers, but as a fan who watches every game with a little knowledge to be dangerous this is what I would do.

1. Demote Kent Baer from Defensive Coordinator

Why postpone the inevitable? Make the change now Ty so the fan base can sense you are being proactive about the problem. Now is the time to give Tormey a shot to see what he can do.

2. Dump the three man pass rush

It isn't working, and it makes a guy like Tuitama look like a Heisman candidate. At the very least I wouldn't use it in the second half of a game since it is obvious our players dont have enough gas left.

3. Start Chris Stevens

This kid is always making plays and he has been benched most of the season.

4. Switch Johnnie Kirton to DE

Why wait till Spring? The kid is in the Dawghouse at TE, why not utilize his size and speed in a position he can be effective at next year.

5. Switch Forrester, or Harris to nickle back

Nate Williams is a good looking young safety who comes up and makes hits the way a Safety should. He may not have the experience, but he has the aggression, and speed you need.

6. Play a little more man defense

It is the only way you are going to be stopped from getting picked apart each week. sure you are going to get burned once in awhile, but they need to play it to get good at it.

7. Blitz more

You need to get more pressure on the QB, you are actually getting decent pressure on the QB at times with three, imagine what you can do when you send seven? How many points have we given up the last three games? Do you really think blitzing is a risk at this point? Get aggressive and go after people.

8. Throw to your fullbacks

How many passes have we thrown to these guys this year? Less than five maybe? We have two pretty good fullbacks, make better use of them.

9. Throw over the middle more

I have been saying this all year. Where on the field was Marcel Reese when he caught the 98 yard TD pass? Jake is much more confident attacking the middle than the sidelines.

10. Stop putting it all on the players

We all know talent is part of the problem, but to say that is why UW gave up 48 points to Arizona is just insulting. The coaches have been letting down their defensive players all season. The benching of Byron Davenport the whole game was total bush league. Give these guys the aggressive schemes they need to achieve. Start attacking on defense, what do you have to lose?


Richard said...

11. Fire Willingham, Hire Mora

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John Berkowitz said...

Richard I get the point, you have your plug, but I am going to limit you to two T-shirt sale links per week, any more than that and I will delete the posts.

Richard said...

Eh, I'm done actually. I just want to see someone wearing this shirt on National TV and I'll be happy.

prrbrr said...

John, pretty much agree once again with your comments, as well as Nathan's longsnapper at the PI today. On the game itself, we hit TE twice but later Gottlieb shortarmed both drops. We need Kavario now. The OL did get some push, I think they like to push out rather than sit back and zone protect, but also the last two games, OL false starts and holdings are killing us. I maintain offensive penalties show a lack of a disciplined team, Defensive penalties usually show aggression, a good quality when controlled. TW teams when ever we get ahead in 2nd half always seem to go toa conservative dont lose plan, something I place squarely on TW. Baer nothing more needs to be said. I liked Nathan and your suggestion, it would get my vote immediately, but probably won't occur until end of season, too late. Ty needs to show right now he is in charge and knows where the problem is. but he won't. ST is also an area where progress is lacking.I ahve lost all faith in Todd Turner, as well as Baer/ Simmons.

t9odawg said...

I think the play action pass out of the I formation would be successful because the other teams are waiting for Jake to run and a FB would be in there as well to be used as a receiver. There is no FB in the spread most of the time the way we run it.

John Berkowitz said...

We run enough two back that we can pass to the FB a couple of times per game.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Kent Baer should get the heave ho like most. I love the comment by Ty when he says that they are fearful of changes to the defense at this point in the season. When you are statistically one of the worst defenses in the league, how can it get any worse?

Also, the offense did look good. I also wanted to point out that Paul Homer seems to be under-recognized as I have seen him blow people up especially on the locker up the middle plays