Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Couple More Thoughts

I have been studying the Ducks this week and have found a few things the Huskies may be capable of exploiting on Saturday. I will pop those out in the morning when I do my game day preview.

I also want to let everyone know that sarcasm reigns this week as it always does when we face our most hated rival. If you shave the sarcasm off of Blazer Prophet's post which I published yesterday you will find that he is spot on in most area's except that the demise of the Huskies is permanent.

I like Blazer Prophet, and appreciate his annual drive by's, thank you very much for contributing!

I want you all to know that are problems are not permanent, and we are indeed close to turning the corner on this thing. It is tough to watch the losses mount this season, but our conference is indeed the best in the country this year which makes it hard to measure the progress our program is making each week.

We all need to keep believing because we are getting close to popping through to the other side despite what some people are saying over on the message boards. Last weeks loss could be measured by milliseconds on about four plays...we were so close, and for some inexplicable reason we didn't get it done.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, nobody can, but we are getting close to putting it all together. The best days of this program are in the immediate future, and some time this year we are going to bust out, and put together four quarters.

The more I analyze Oregon this week the better I actually feel. The Ducks are a little bit wounded, and Husky Stadium is a terrible place for them to visit when they are wounded. I am not going to predict a victory, but if the right pieces fall into place, and we come out fired up in the third quarter anything can happen.

I also want to reiterate that I am not a Margarita sucking, country club type of pompus has just been a little sarcasm directed back at our fine feathered friends to the South. If you want to dish it out guys, I will dish it right back to you and hit you right in the middle of academia where you aren't even close to UW in any way, shape or form. Oregon isn't exactly a JC on the banks of the Willamette, but nobody is ever going to confuse them with Stanford, Cal, UCLA, or UW.

One poster noted what my Oregon grad friends thought about my rant, well they thought it was funny, and they are going to let me on their yacht Saturday anyway to cruise to the game.

Keep this in mind Husky fans, the last Husky QB to beat Oregon was Casey Paus.

Casey F$%king Paus!

I like our chances with Jake Locker.



You're welcome. All in fun. Sort of.

I showed your response to my earlier post to the guys at work and we laughed our heads off. You're very quick witted. I think I was "one upped" on that one.

Health Insurance Expert said...

You know it's rough when I have to resort to using Stanford tactics... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hehe the funny thing is that he tries to put UW in with Stanford, UCLA, or Cal academically. THAT is comical. Washington isn't tough to get into at all!