Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick Notes

As you all know I am still down in Arizona, and flying up for the game in the morning. I am not sure what type of internet connectivity I am going to have during the weekend. I will not be getting into Chicago until Monday evening. That means this may be the last post I make till Tuesday morning.

The stadium funding comments are a little mystifying to me, and I will critique that next week. Didn't they know it was going to cost a boat load of money? Didn't they know they were going to need some big donations outside of the mainstream? Are they giving up before even starting fundraising? Something isn't clicking right, and it isn't making any sense to me.

As far as the game tomorrow it looks like it may be a bit closer than predicted since the Duck WR corp is going to be out for the game along with RB Jeremiah Johnson. Husky Stadium on what will prove to a be a foul day isn't an easy place to play, so anything can happen from that standpoint.

I am not optimistic about victory this weekend, but there is always hope, that is why they play the games. I know one thing, and that is it would be great to steal one from the Ducks on Saturday, let's hope Tyrone can get his kids fired up for this one.

Go Huskies, beat the Ducks!

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