Saturday, October 27, 2007

Arizona 48-41

We have less than two hours before kickoff, and it looks like it will be another chilly day in Husky Stadium. It also may be a pretty small crowd of only around 60,000 since Arizona won't bring many fans with them. If I was in Seattle, I would be at Husky Stadium because this is one of those rare days when the Huskies are actually favored to win. Our Husky fan poll is predicting victory today with 32 of our readers predicting the Huskies to win, while 19 are predicting us to lose.

First Quarter

The Huskies start of the game with a nice drive that ends with a fumble deep in Arizona territory. The Wildcats are three and out on the next series. UW once again puts together another nice drive deep into Arizona territory which results in another fumble. The Huskies should be up 14-0 early but two early fumbles have hurt them. Arizona comes out, and goes long twice in a row and the second one results in a 66 yard TD pass.

Arizona 7 Washington 0

Locker hits Reese on a long one and UW is back in business again deep in Arizona territory. Locker picks up a bobbled snap and runs it in from ten yards out.

Washington 7 Arizona 7

Arizona gets a decent run back on the kickoff to around midfield. Arizona ends up punting on 4th and 1.

Second Quarter

The Huskies start from their own one yard line after a great punt and a friendly bounce. Locker strikes on second and eight from the two for a 98 yard TD pass to Marcel Reese.

Washington 14 Arizona 7

Arizona comes back with a 51 yard strike down the middle for a TD as Forrester bites on the play action.

Washington 14 Arizona 14

The Huskies put together another long drive as Arizona is incapable of stopping the Dawgs. the highlight of the drive is a 33 yard pass to Corey Williams on third and long. The Huskies convert on another third and long as Locker hits Rankin for a 12 yard TD pass to finish off the drive.

Washington 21 Arizona 14

Arizona takes over on their own 36. The Wildcats go nowhere and bobble the snap. The Huskies end up blocking the kick and returning it for a TD.

Washington 28 Arizona 14

Arizona bobbles the kickoff, but they return it to the 33. Arizona hits another long one to the Husky 21. Something isn't right in the middle of the Husky secondary today. Arizona has a 4th and two deep in the red zone and they decide to go for it. They pick it up for the first at the seven. Arizona punches it through for the TD. UW blocks the extra point.

Washington 28 Arizona 20

The Huskies start on their own 27 with 3:32 to go. The Huskies start driving with a couple of nice pass receptions by TE Mike Gottleib. Locker is intercpeted at the Arizona ten, and the Wildcats return it to their own 40.

Arizona takes over with 1:22 left. The Husky D responds with a sack. UA converts on 3rd down after the Huskies miss a bunch of tackles after good pressure. UA keeps marching to the Husky 26 with 40 seconds remaining. Roy Lewis breaks up a play in the endzone with a great deflection. The Huskies force the Wildcats into a 4th and one situation. The Wildcats go for three and hit it.

Washington 28 Arizona 23

Jake has 14 carries for 98 yards. Louis has eight carries for 41. Locker is 12-17 for 270 yards two TD's, one fumble, and one interception. Those three Washington turnovers cost the team 21 points. Arizona hasn't been able to stop UW all day, and Washington never punted in the first half.

Tuitama has exploited some weak safety play in the middle hitting 15 of 23 for 268 yards, and two TD's. The Wildcats have -5 yards on the ground so far today.

Arizona will have the ball to start the second half, and even though they have been putplayed all day have a chance to take the lead if they can put together another drive. UW needs to straighten things out in the middle of their secondary.

All indications are that Washington will continue to blow these guys out in the second half, the only question I have is if we can stop giving up big plays. Most of Tuitama's passing yards have been on three big plays. Eliminate the offensive turnovers, stop giving up big plays, and Washington should win big.

Third Quarter

Can Washington play a second consecutive good third quarter? Washington is obviously the better team and the only way they are going to lose it is to give it away.

Arizona takes over at their own 22. The Wildcats start driving by using short sideline passes. the Wildcats put together a serious drive highlighted by a 22 yard keeper. The Husky defense is not playing well at all. The Cats are mixing in the run well to start the second half. The Wildcats get down to the Husky 7 where the drive stalls forcing the to go for three.

Washington 28 Arizona 26

UW takes over on the 28. UW goes nowhere and has to punt for the first time today. Not exactly the way you want to stop the third quarter.

Nice punt, no return. Arizona takes over on their own 25. UA starts marching with a screen pass for a 13 yard gain. They hit another 15 yarder on the sideline. UW's defense needs a stop and come up with one on third and two at the Husky 36. Arizona goes for it and the pass is knocked down by Tui. Huskies take over.

Rankin plunges for one on first down, the Huskies seem flat. They hand off again for another two. On third and six Williams drops a long reception and the Huskies have to punt again. I hate to say this, but we are in trouble because the defense is gassed again.

Arizona takes over at their own 20. Meshphin Forrester comes up with a big play with an interception deep in Wildcat territory. Arizona is playing much better on defense this half. The Husky running game has been stopped. Locker connects to Russo for 18. Locker keeps for a nice run to the goal line. Locker then runs the sneak for the TD. Jake has 407 yards in total offense today.

Washington 35 Arizona 26

Arizona takes over on the 22. The Wildcats go 3 and out highlighted by a Rayford sack.

UW takes over on the 39 with 15 seconds left in the third quarter. Locker takes off on a big keeper for 30 yards.

Fourth Quarter

UW has the ball on the Arizona 31 to start the fourth quarter. Louis busts free for a big gain to the UA 13. Locker takes the ball 8 yards to the goal line. Luke Kravitz takes it over for the TD. Perkins misses the PAT, first he missed all year. I noticed he was pretty erratic today, could be the snap.

Washington 41 Arizona 26

UA gets a good return and starts at the Husky 46. This one isn't over yet. Anthony Johnson is a big receiver and he picks up nine yards and the Wildcats are in business at the Husky 30. The Huskies come up with a big stop and a 3 yard loss. Roy Lewis makes another nice breakup in the endzone. On 3rd and 13 Tuitama hits a 33 yard TD pass. Rayford was obviously held on that play but the refs missed it. He was tackled at the feet of Tuitama. Vonzell McDowell is getting feasted upon today.

Washington 41 Arizona 33

UW takes over at their own 38. Locker fumbles again at his own 30 and Washington once again is in serious trouble with over ten minutes left. Huskies drop them for a loss of three on the screen. Arizona completes a pass to the Husky 12 for a 22 yard pick up. Grigsby takes it to the Husky 2. Tuitama hits thomas and burns Lewis for the TD. Arizona goes for two and converts it to tie the game.

Washington 41 Arizona 41

8:42 left and Locker picks up 15 on a keeper to take the ball to UA 47. Rankin isn't really getting yards now. If UW is going to win this one it is going to be all Jake. Gottleib drops one, and then Locker goes long to Ellis only have it tipped away. the Huskies have to punt.

Arizona starts at their 20 with 7:16 left. Arizona fumbles but recovers. Third and four for the Wildcats. Tuitama hits Turner for the first down with a little over five left. Arizona has another third and four and picks up another first down....yikes. Arizona from the 49 and picks up 2 on the ground. The Huskies need to make a big play, they don't, and Tuitama hits a 19 yard pass for another first down. Tuitama has completed ten in a row. Third and seven from the Husky 27. Tuitama hits another TD pass and this one is about over.

I am so sick and tired of the three man rush!

Arizona 48 Washington 41

UW starts the final drive of the day with 1:55 left from the 35. Jake is sacked on the first play with 1:44 left.

The game mysteriously dissapears from the TV as the Huskies start the final drive of the day. Leave it to Fox to screw the pooch on that one, and the sorry thing is it doesn't matter because Locker throws another interception and Arizona wins.


Anonymous said...

It's time for Willingham to GOOOO! How many times is this pathetic staff going to lose second half leads? How long are we as fans going to let this group chase off good players. Let the Mora era start now PLEEEAAASSEE. Good coaching staffs do not blow it in the second half they control the game. It's time to admit that this group is not the answer. They are losing and chasing off too much talent. You can't tell a kid to work hard in practice and when he does, you do not reward him with playing time. Hasty, Bush, and Kosub are gone because this staff is not displaying the honor they so highly preach. Let the Mora era begin before there is nothing left of this once fine program.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I agree that he needs to go.

I don't agree on Hasty, Bush, and Kosub.