Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Notes

All the usual suspects are reporting that Anthony Boyles has passed his ACT test and will be able to enroll for Winter Quarter with Devin Aguilar. This is huge news for the Huskies who dodged a real bullet. Aguilar, and Boyles were two of the top rated frosh in last years class.

Devin Aguilar received a passing test score on the ACT. He will likely enroll in classes for Winter Quarter once receiving approval from the UW admissions office, and the NCAA clearing house. Aguilar was the Colorado prep athlete of the year in 2006 in football, and basketball. He will be treated as a greyshirt with four years to play five starting in 2008.

Getting Aguilar, and Boyles in is very big news for 2008, these kid's can be a real difference makers. Look for both to start or be in the rotation next year. They will both get a head start during Winter conditioning, Spring practice, and 7 on 7's this Summer.

Safety Jason Wells is likely lost for the rest of the season with a knee injury. He will be having surgery on the knee in the near future. Wells still has one full year of eligibility left. Nate Williams, and Darin Harris will be the guys taking over. Wells was the QB of the back 7 of the defense, and he will be missed.

CB Jordan Murchison started practicing with the team on Sunday. He has been using this week to catch up. Ty thinks he came back in pretty good shape, but needs to catch up mentally. Look for him to see some minutes against ASU in some capacity.

ASU plays WSU this weekend in Pullman and it will be interesting to see how the Cougars can bounce back after a very disappointing loss to Arizona last week. Coach Doba is on record as saying that the Wildcats are one of the best teams in the conference, even better than ASU. I don't know what they are smoking in Pullman, but it has to come from a basement in British Columbia.

The Sun Devils have had the perfect schedule to prepare for the stretch run of the season, and while they haven't played anyone exceptional yet this year, they have shown improvement every single game. ASU is going to be a very tough game for Washington to play on the road this year. The Devils love the power running game, and they have some athletes on defense. I don't think it will be very close in Pullman this weekend.

Did you see last nights Kentucky/South Carolina game? Steve Spurrier called a great game, and Kentucky found out how tough it can be playing on the road in the SEC. the crowd had a lot to do with that win. Both teams were impressive, but the other USC had the better defense. It's nice to see some change in the power structure of the SEC. Kentucky was rated #8 this week so expect them to fall quite a bit on Sunday night.

Boston College, and South Florida in the top ten? One of the most interesting things about this season has been the reshuffling of the deck as far as the nations powers are concerned. Last weeks upsets, and USC's close game with UW forced a virtual reshuffling of the national rankings. We are only in the 5th week, and it is going to keep reshuffling all season making this one of the more exciting years in college football this decade. Oregon is rated way too low at #14. If California is truly #3, the Ducks are deserving of being in the top five. Don't worry too much about the Ducks, if they keep winning it will all take care of itself.

Florida takes on LSU this weekend in Baton Rouge. If anyone can beat LSU in the regular season this year it will be Florida. Florida is coming off a rare loss so expect them to bounce back tough for this one. Their season is now on the line. This will be the game of the week so don't miss it.

Ohio State at Purdue is another game I am going to keep my eye on this weekend. I think the Buckeyes are ready for a fall. Same can be said of Wisconsin who takes on rapidly improving Illinois in Champaign.

Todd Turner turned on his blog this week to talk about the economic impact Husky football has had on the Puget Sound region so far this year. The blog entry was in direct response to a PI editorial that was less than enthusiastic about the planned remodel of Husky Stadium. If you read the editorial you realize that whoever wrote didn't know what they were writing about. Make no mistake about it, Washington is going to get the remodel done, and it won't be a twenty year project, they want it all buttoned no later than 2012. What about the money? They will find the money, and I think they have a pretty good idea where it is.

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