Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

How will Washington Finish the Season?

8-0 2% (1 votes)
7-1 9% (5 votes)
6-2 7% (4 votes)
5-3 44% (24 votes)
4-4 20% (11 votes)
3-5 15% (8 votes)
2-6 0% (0 votes)
1-7 0% (0 votes)
0-8 2% (1 votes)

Most of of us picked 5-3, and I think that is an optimistic, but achievable goal. I go along with 5-3 too, and I think we pick off one of the big three, but could fall to Oregon State on the road.

This weeks question:

Will Washington Beat Arizona State?

The second half of the season starts on Saturday and this is a winnable game in my opinion.

1 comment:

prrbrr said...

I think they are all winnable after Stanford/USC, it just depends on who shows up ready to play. TW really needs this one and to win out up to Cal, which then might become that signature elusive win. Its time for this coaching staff to show their progress in these next 5 games as a minimum. BTW, did you notice that WSU plays/played USC, ASU and now Ore the week prior to our playing them? Not sure if that means anything significant at all. We will probably drive over on friday morning to ASU. GO DAWGS