Friday, January 25, 2008

And the Winner is....Ed Donatell

Rumor number two from yesterday seems to have been the correct answer in the Husky DC hunt. Former Atlanta Falcons Assistant Jim Donatell seems to be Tyrone Willingham's choice to take over as Husky defensive coordinator. Word is he has been offered the job and will likely take it. Expect an announcement before the end of the day, Monday, or whenever Ty decides to pull open the Purple Curtain.

Donatell sat out last year after not being able to catch on to another NFL gig. Ed was at UW during the 1980's for two years as a GA under Don James. He also was on Ketih Gilbertson's staff at Idaho. Most Husky fans should be satisfied by the choice since he has a prior connection to the school, and also is associated with Mora. Ed worked in the NFL from 1990-2006 as a defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator with the Jets, Chiefs, Broncos, Packers and Falcons.

The news on Jim Mora is the Seahawks are about to make it official that he is going to take over when Mike Holmgren retires after next season. That should put to bed any rumors that Mora is going to return to his alma mater to coach next season. Mora is a hot commodity. He could have had the UCLA, or Washington Redskin coaching jobs if he had wanted. His two day interview with the Redskins may have forced the Seahawks hand in making the offer early.

I am really happy with the hiring of Donatell. He has a lot of experience and should bring a whole new philosophy to the Husky defense. Yes, I like him even better than DeWayne Walker. Walker could certainly recruit, and he did a good job turning around the UCLA defense, but to me he was the flavor of the month. I think Donatell is what the Husky defense needs, plus it keeps the majority of the staff in place.


dadcojohn said...

John, great news. Was it really TW's hire. 2% of me still hopes and believes that after LOI day JMJ becomes the coach. I know, no way and I think so to. Just dreaming. Also, great work on the stadium news.

John Berkowitz said...

I think Donatell is an excellent hire.

I think there is about a 1% chance of Mora taking over this year, or next. The Hawks are going to have first dibs on him, and are rumored to be ready to name him as the succesor.

Thanks for the compliment on the stadium news. I am going to stay right on top of that one.

Anonymous said...

What are the possibilities that Ed Donatell is taking this job as a transition to taking over as DC for Jim Mora who will likely become HC for the Seahawks?

How would that look/feel for our young recruits?

Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great hire, I just hope he's able to stick around.

KKH said...

After ready Molly Yanity's article and Patrick Kearney's comments about Donatell, I am getting excited. I agree with you John, he certainly looks to be a better choice than DeWayne Walker. He should be able to prepare our guys to perform against Norm Chow.

John Berkowitz said...

Heck, Ty may only be here one more year, so I am not worried about Donatell's longevity.

fusion06 said...

Actually he was not out of football last year. He was a special consultant to the NY Jets and was rumored to be in line for a position on their staff.