Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Williams Family Responses

Dave Williams who is one of Curtis's brothers and was his caretaker when he was injured, has this response to the articles in the Seattle Times.

Stories like these need to come out but they need to come out sooner rather than later. Especially for me in Curtis' case I would like to have had a opportunity to help change his behavior. Now that the Times has open this can of worms, what's going to be done to fix future problem with this brand College Athletes? I would hope these articles were geared at effecting change so in the future we would not have read about the ongoing misconduct of college athletes.

This statement is from his wife Michelle.

To those that question, Curt was a wonderful man, athlete, husband, and father...when he wanted to be. Other times he wasn't. So what, I've put all this in the past and I have not let one person degrate him to this day in the precsence of our beloved daughter. Not once. Not ever. Yes, We had problems, we went our separate ways. That is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. Let Curt rest in peace. Please do not disrespect his memory or his legacy. I dont, and I don't wish for anyone else to either. May he rest in Paradise...


t9odawg said...

The intent of this series isn't to promote the goal in Dave's idealistic request concerning college athletices nor do they honor CW per Michelle's desires. I view this series as a TT hatchet job to justify keeping Ty given TT and Ty's history of throwing people under the bus, a lot of good people and great players were just tarnished. It carries a big dose of TT's "winning shouldn't be a neccesary component" of a postive student athlete experience philosophy.

John Berkowitz said...

I agree T90.