Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Puppy Chow

One of the things Washington isn't searching for this off season officially for is a QB coach because Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano has handles that responsibility. Tim's background has been as a RB coach. He has had success with QB's, but Jake Locker even though he gets along real well with Lappano may need more mechanics wise than Tim knows how to give since he isn't a quarterback.

Luke Huard served as the defacto QB coach last season. Luke will be back this year and he is an up and coming assistant who never achieved the success in college that his brothers (Damon), and Brock accomplished while at Washington, and in the NFL. Is Luke the right guy to be handling mechanics for Jake Locker?

We all agree that Jake Locker is one of those once in decade type of players. One of our readers and constant commentators T90 recently mentioned that QB guru Greg Barton had mentioned that Jake really needed some tutoring throwing the ball. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or Greg Barton to figure that out, but the question is will the coaching staff at Washington acknowledge that in the short term?

Most of us think that the hiring of a Defensive Coordinator will be the biggest move this Spring.

I disagree!

Many insiders, me included, feel that hiring someone to tutor Jake Locker in throwing mechanics is much more important. Can UW put the egos aside and hire a tutor for Jake?

If I am Ty Willingham that would be my first priority because if I am going to keep my job beyond 2008 it is going to be saved by the arm of Jake Locker.

The best QB coach in town for a long time has been Jim Zorn. Jim of course isn't available, in fact he is interviewing for the OC position with Snyder of the Redskins this week. UW needs to find someone out there like Jim that can truly coach a QB.

Kurt Mangum Verbals

Inside or middle linebacker Kurt Mangum has verballed to Washington according to all the usual suspects. Mangum is a big physical guy whose only question mark is speed. Kurt just happens to be Gale Sayers nephew, but he could use some of his uncles speed. The interesting thing about Kurt is that he is planning to graduate early which means the Huskies have one more spot available for the 2008 class if he does indeed graduate early and is hear for Spring practice. My gut says that he sign at least one more guy to round out the class. It could be C David DeCastro, LB Donovan Carter, or S Martin Bayless.

Two weeks to go until letter of intent day and we have solid top ten class. That is pretty hard to believe after a 4-9 season.


Anonymous said...

John, I think you meant Damon Huard, not Jake. :)

John Berkowitz said...

:) yep, and I made the correction, thanks for pointing it out.

I have nothing against Luke, nothing against Lappano, but Jake needs all the help he can get with his mechanics.