Thursday, January 24, 2008

DC Rumor #2

The Tenuta rumor was fun while it lasted, but less than twelve hours later we have another one.

There is an unstubstantiated rumor floating around today is that ex Atlanta Falcons defensive assistant Ed Donatell is a candidate to become the new DC at Washington. Donatell coached under Jim Mora at Atlanta, and he also spent some time with DJ in the 80's. This rumor started over on the free board at Dawgman, and I have no idea if it has any legs, or not.

Just the fact that he coached recently with Mora makes me raise my eybrows on this one. I know Willingham wants to find the best man, and Donatell would be a great choice, but the Mora connection makes it pretty iffy to me.

Back to Tenuta, I am sure someone will contact him for a statement later in the day. The odds of this one having legs is pretty slight since Tenuta does not really have West Coast ties, or a prior relationship with Willingham.

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