Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Responses by Woodward and Willingham

Woodward Statement

In the summer of 2004, the UW Board of Regents appointed then-Louisiana State University chancellor Mark Emmert as the university's new president. Shortly thereafter, Emmert hired Todd Turner as the director of intercollegiate athletics, and six months later Tyrone Willingham came on board as the Huskies' head football coach. Those three key appointments served as a clear and unmistakable response by the UW to the issues that have been documented in great detail by the Times articles. From day one under Coach Willingham, the Washington football program has delivered a consistent message. It is a program that embodies the highest degree of integrity, a dedication to character and honesty, and an unquestioned concern for every student-athlete. Coach Willingham should be commended for his devotion to the development of the young men that have been entrusted to his care.

Willingham Statement

"I am excited about the foundation we are trying to establish at the University of Washington. That foundation consists of four basic core values for our football team: To be champions on the field, in the classroom and society, and to have fun in a positive and respectful manner. I believe we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that we have a program that embodies those ideals. Our goal is to be a championship football team and I believe everyone in our program shares that objective. There is no question that I believe winning and integrity are not mutually exclusive. Changing the culture of our football team has been a priority for all of us in the athletic department and our players are responding to that positively.

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t9odawg said...

I'm happy to see Tyrone believes winning and integrity aren't mutually exclusive. Why wasn't he able to communicate that with Turner?
I'm happy he said some good things about the recently trashed Rose Bowl team as well.
The intent of the Times may have been to support Ty's way but what they did was put him in a corner, a corner not of his making.
He can try all he wants to influence his young men but there will still some stupid decisions made. What will the Times do then? What will the Times do when one of Saint Ty's young men make an error in judgement?