Friday, January 04, 2008

UW Analysis - Wide Receiver

One of the biggest frustrations of last season was watching our wide receivers run crappy routes, and drop catchable balls. Washington's senior driven WR corps was just terrible in it's execution last year. Let's face it these kids went through three head coaches, and even more position coaches so any potential growth they had was stunted.

In 2008 Washington starts almost completely over with an almost completely new cast of participants. The bad news is you lose experience, the good news is your losing a group of tentative, slow receivers who never really lived up to their promise while at UW. Jake wasn't the most accurate passer last year, but he wasn't helped by having 5-6 dropped balls per game either. UW needs to get rid of the drops, and run better routes in 2008.

Curtis Shaw, and De'Andre Goodwin caught five passes a piece in 2007 and they will be the top returning receivers in 2008. Shaw started out as a backup RB and was moved over to WR during the mid season. He responded with some good catches almost immediately. Goodwin was UW's end around guy last season, and while he didn't get a lot of touches he picked up some good experience running routes last season. Alvin Logan from Denver sat out as a red shirt, but did some nice things on the scout team last year. All three of these guys head into Spring along with walk on Charles Hawkins as the players Washington will rebuild with in 2008.

Two other players recruited in 2007 who figured to see early playing time will also join the squad this Winter. Devin Aguilar, and Anthony Boyles were two of Washington's most coveted recruits, but both failed to qualify in time to play last season. Both of these kids can play the game, and having them in for Spring practice should help them get acclimated early for the major roles that await for them in 2008. Chris Polk who is a member of the 2008 class is enrolling early and will be available for Winter conditioning, and Spring practice. Polk is a decommit from USC which is a rarity these days. He will come in with the opportunity to earn a starting job in 2008.

As far as recruiting goes Washington filled the cupboard with lots of quality this Winter. Jermaine Kearse, Cody Bruns, and Jordan Polk all have the talent to press for early playing time next season. Kearse will be playing this weekend in a national HS all star game. The word from practice is he is the best receiver on the West squad and could end up being the MVP of the game since the QB's are so comfortable throwing to him. Bruns is another kid that catches everything thrown his way. He was the best receiver experts saw from the Northwest in the combines. Jordan Polk has a lot of pure speed and talent, but I am thinking he is a candidate to redshirt in 2008.

UW is still in on a kid named Tommy Streeter from Miami who will visit later this month. Streeter is a kid they can fit in for 2007 who will graduate early and be avaialbe by spring practice if he decides UW is the right place for him. His father played at Colorado.


Obviously with so many young players coming in the consensus is this talented group may struggle next season. I on the other hand think they will play much better than the players they are replacing and Washington may have more talent at WR than they have had since the early 1990's. The new players are a significant upgrade in talent in comparison to the kids who are graduating.

UW is going to have seven WR's here over the Winter, Spring, and Summer to work out with Jake, and that should provide enough of an edge to put this talented group over the top in 2008. WR is one of those positions where players can come in and make an immediate impact. WR coach Charlie Baggett has a lot of experience, and he is going to need it this year coaching these young kids up to the level of competition they will face in the Fall.

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