Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend Notes

Nice win the other night by the basketball team over Oregon. The Huskies should pick up the sweep today as Oregon State is visiting. That would put the Dawgs at 2-3 which isn't too bad at this point.

I was reading that the UW was going to ask for tax money to fund half the cost of stadium renovation. I think it makes a lot of sense, and the legislature should go for it. For once tax payers get to spend money for a non profit public sports entity. A tip of the hat to Dan Evans who has picked up the ball and ran with it since the dismissal of Todd Turner. For those who continue to doubt Mark Emmert's sincerity this should help solidify the fact that he truly is a pro football/sports president.

While the State Legislature seems very open to the idea the newspapers and the media are going to start getting negative fast. They already are bringing up the question "What about the Cougs?" Well if the Cougs need the money...I don't have any problem with them getting a slice of the pie either for stadium renovations.

What about the Sonics? Screw the Sonics, and their carpet bag owner. The Sonics never wanted to put a dime of their own into the project, and they never came up with a plan that was realistic. It was all posturing to move the team to Oklahoma....good riddance.

People will bring up the fact that the state has more pressing issues to resolve, and that is probably true, but the tax they are tapping was for retiring stadium debt. Since there is a surplus it should be used in that manner one way or another.


The Huskies picked up another recruit yesterday when CB Adam Long decided to commit to UW. We could really use another OL, and LB to round out this class. Long is one of those kids that has been pretty hotly recruited over the last month even though he wasn't on the early radar screen.

I am still down in Florida, so sorry for the sporatic coverage this week, but will be back full time on Monday.

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