Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Puppy Chow

If you are keeping count at home the Huskies have room for one more player in the class of 2007. I think the Huskies are going to take the best prospect out there regardless of position.
When you have the 8th ranked class in the country going into the final weeks before LOI day you can afford to be choosy with only a spot, or two still open.

Two Guys You Make Room For

C David DeCastro....yes, the Huskies still haven't given up on him, and his interest has been increasing ever since his visit. Chances are he ends up at Stanford, but stadium construction, a top ten class, Tyrone, and Denbrock are making a solid impression. LB Donovan Carter is another guy they will wait for. He likely ends up at UCLA which opens the door for someone else, but he is worth the wait.

Those Who are Likely Waiting

LB PaiPai Falemalu from Hawaii is another possibility. S Marvin Bayless is a kid that has to wait for UW to make up his mind to see if he can fit in. He has great numbers and bloodlines. LB Bradly Roussel is headed to Tulane, but that could change if UW strikes out on the other three LB's. You know UW has to have another LB in the class one way or another. LB Kurt Mangum can enroll in time for Spring ball so he would count against the 2007 class. UW is also rumored to be looking at a JC receiver, but I would think they have that position covered unless something big jumps out at them.

Something for Winter 2009

TE Demeterius Guice from Portland is still out there. We haven't heard a word from him in quite some time, but he would be a great get as a grey shirt candidate. He won't make the 2008 class, but he would look great in purple and gold for 2009.

The Monkey Wrench

Let me add this tidbit, the recruiting class could also be filled out by none of the above. You heard right, the Huskies just might be working on some other kids the recruiting services haven't mentioned. I have heard some rumors of this but haven't been updated on the status since Long, and Carroll verbaled.

Holmgren is Staying another Year

Mike Holmgren coach of the Seattle Seahawks is staying for another year, after then it is likely off to retirement, but you never really do know in pro sports do you?

Art Thiel of course can't resist poking fun at Husky fans by suggesting that Jim Mora Jr. is the annointed heir in waiting over in Kirkland. No matter what happens Jim will have his choice of jobs anywhere in his hometown, and across the country in 2009.

If both the Husky, and Seahawk head coaching jobs are open in 2009 which one will Jim Mora take?

He says coaching the Huskies has been his lifelong dream, but coaching the hometown Seahawks has to be up there too, plus much more lucrative. You need to win to keep either job, but even in your hometown the NFL stands for "Not For Long". The UW on the other hand is a place you can stay for twenty years if you play your cards right.

Art sums it up in this manner.

But Huskies fans can look at it this way -- if it doesn't work out for Mora with the Seahawks, the UW job comes open regularly.


Anonymous said...

Dream job?
"It was me doing a radio interview with a close friend and former college roommate, and just joking about the [Washington] job. . . . I guess you've got to watch what you say to anybody anymore. I'm doing an interview with my best friend, joking around, and all of a sudden it's a big story. Believe me, there's nothing to it."

John Berkowitz said...

Those comments got him fired by the way. Getting fired at Atlanta was probably a blessing.

hairofthedawg said...

LOL on the blessing. Great job the past few days. I think Mora's in a win/win situation. He's happy and has opportunities and good for him.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks Dick...I really think we are going through one of the most important periods in husky football history.

t9odawg said...

With a coach that excites the fan base and wins games the coaching job won't be open regularly at UW.

I've cooled on getting excited for recruiting over the years...too many never live up to the hype or maybe the potential wasn't developed? I don't know which but I tend to take the pundits opines with a large grain of salt

John Berkowitz said...

T90...I have been following recruiting since the early 70's and know what you mean.

This particular class is really, really good. Plus they are all on track to get in. They of course need to stay healthy, grow,and develop, but it is the most solid class I have seen since the early 90's.

As for the coaching job the odds are pretty heavy that it is open next season. I think this class is great, but it won't be enough to save him next season.

I am waiting till spring to formulate a final opinion, but if those young DL don't perfrom we are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Mangum commits per realdawg

John Berkowitz said...

Dawgman confirms Mangum is a Dawg.

That means we are down to one spot left for 2008 if he enrolls in time for Spring.