Saturday, January 05, 2008

UW Analysis - Fullback

Paul Homer, and Luke Kravitz are as solid a one two punch as any team has in the country. Both of these kids can run, block, and catch the ball. I don't think Lappano utilized them as well as he should have last season. Both these kids would be excellent targets for Jake coming out of the backfield and across the middle. Homer when given the opportunity can make plays, he was very effective in short yardage situations. Kravitz has suffered injuries the last two seasons that have cut into his playing time.

Austin Sylvester started early at ILB but was switched to FB during mid season. He played early and got experience on special teams. Terrance Dailey will probably migrate to FB. He doesn't have the size of the latter three, but he could be a nice changeup option like Richard Thomas in the future. Another guy to consider in the future is Brandon Yakaboski who is a very physical player.


I can't think of a single team in the conference that has this position nailed like Washington. On the other side of the coin the importance of the position has been minimized by the spread offense, multiple receiver sets, and double tight ends. If you want to point to a reason the Huskies are running the ball better it is the development of this position.

Pat Conniff was the last real FB we had until Homer arrived, and Kravitz matured. Having mobile big guy's out there leading, and blocking is a good thing. Lappano needs to get these guys more involved in the passing game in 2008.

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