Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Puppy Chow

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is floating a couple new potential names of the future UW defensive coordinator. Either of these candidates would be considered great hires, and good fits if UW was able to attract one of them.

The first one is Jerry Gray who reportedly met with Willingham this past weekend to talk about the job. Gray is currently a secondary coach with the Washington Redshins, previous to that he was the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills for five years. Gray doesn't have a lot of college experience, or the recruiting ties of a DeWayne Walker, but he has a lot of experience as a player, and respected coach in the NFL.

Bill Young the current DC at Kansas is another name that has bounced around. Why would you leave Kansas for Washington, well it could be money since the next UW DC may make around $400,000 per year? Young has been at Kansas for the past five years and understands how to rebuild a defense. He also had experience out on the West coast during stints at ASU, and USC. Young has 38 years of coaching experience, so he may be due a big pay day. Nice thing about Young is he knows his way around a recruits living room.

Pete Carroll?

Probably the only thing that is going to get Pete Carroll away from USC is a big scandal. The Trojans have been sitting on one ever since Reggie Bush's senior year. Things are starting to break in the case according to numerous sources and Pete may entertain offers from the Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons. Pete is on his annual Winter vacation, and a tradition on those Winter vacations is to take phone calls from NFL teams looking for a head coach. will Pete leave USC this year, I say the odds are less than 25%.


Earl said...

Since TY might be on the short string why not go after a DC that might be able to take over as headcoach Example:

Charlie Strong at Florida
Ron English at Michigan

John Berkowitz said...

I think it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that if they do replace Ty it will be with Mora Jr if he is available.

The guys you mention are both good choices.

English talked to Willingham about the job but opted for Louisville.

Tough to get an SEC guy to Seattle as an asst coach. Florida pays top dollar so not a lot of incentive for Strong to move.

earl said...

Potential Dc candiates in no particular order:

Mike Singletary
Ron Rivera
Charlie Strong