Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frank Chopp is an Idiot!

Art Thiel wrote an article that was critical of the logic of Frank Chopp this week in the PI. As usual Art had a good handle on the situation even though we didn't understand the logic till today.

Frank Chopp is an idiot!

After only four days, and a couple of Kent Schramm opinions it looks like Frank has changed his mind. What moron, the money from those taxes is mostly from out of state ivsitors, and it is is for the explicit purpose of supporting athletic venues in King County. Education? None of that money is earmarked for anything but sports facilities! Who does this guy think he is trying to fool!

Speaker of the House Frank Chopp, D-Seattle, just put an end to the uproar about authorizing taxes to pay for half of a proposed $300 million renovation to Husky Stadium. Chopp said Thursday his statements last week about being open to the idea had been blown out of proportion.

"All I said, at the request of former Gov. (Dan) Evans was that I'd take a look at the proposal," he said. "I made it clear that we are not talking about state tax dollars for that project because all that would do is take money away from education - including higher education. That's the extent of it," he said. "In fact since then no House member, and nobody else for that matter in terms of the Legislature, has come to me and asked to support the project. That's sends a pretty strong message."

Asked if it's fair to say he doesn't think it's going to happen this session, Chopp replied: "That's fair to say." Chopp said he had no plans to push for enabling legislation that would extend the some of the stadium taxes set up to pay for the King Dome, Safeco Field and Qwest Field.
"I just said to Gov. Evans that I'd consider it, so I asked people to consider it. Nobody's come to me ask for support for it."

For the Record, this is what Chopp actually said last week:

"I'm open to talking to the university about it because it's obviously a public facility," Chopp said. "It can be used for a lot more than just Husky football. They are talking about a series of high school football games. If you have ever been to Memorial Stadium in Seattle, it's in pretty bad shape. "I'm willing to talk about it with them," he said. "It's not professional, it's not for profit and the players make nothing." Compared to the Sonics, the University is a more sympathetic cause. "By light years," Chopp said. "That's a long ways." Safety issues are also in play, Chopp noted.

"There are several different revenue streams that we are looking at," he said. "One of them would just be some local thing that we would authorize, so that's a possibility."
"I'm not likely to support money coming out of the state general fund for it unless it's seeen in context of all the other capital projects that we have to do for higher education," he said. "The Univesity of Washington has done quite well with the capitol budget process over the last ten years. So really, is this a priority compared to those other needs?"

Frank Chopp is a an idiot, and this isn't dead, it is only starting, we shall overcome Frank!

Jim Moore chimes in that is what is good for the Husky is good for the Cougar.

Actually, if a few of my dollars from a restaurant tax go toward the renovation of Husky Stadium, fine, as long as Washington State gets to milk the cash cow, too.

I just happen to agree with that, and throw in EWU, WWU, and CWU. There is more than enough money to take care of all of them ,and the Sonics if need be if you simply extend a tax that is levied mostly against non residents of King County.

Frank Chopp is an idiot, and UW is pretty stupid for going for the money without WSU, EWU, CWU, and WWU. This is far from being over, they wil get it done.

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bigdave967 said...

Are these people idiots...dont they understand the importance that a top tier football team can be for not only the university but surrounding businesses as well. If the UW was a top 10 team year in and year out, it would generate a lot of FREE publicity, as well as, get donors more willing to give to academic facilities. Sports bring a sense of pride to the Alumni base, as well as, everyday people who just love UW for whatever reason. How can they be so short sided. Its not like UW is a panhandler asking for money every year...its a one time investment that, if done correctly, will help the UW become more self sustaining than it already is. Gosh, these people are retarded. And dont you love the backpedaling that was done by Chopp. These people see 6 inches infront of their faces and dont understand long government does. Everyone wants the quick fix, the quick pick me up...look at how government handles budgets...year-to-year planning is what gets people in binds...its like a person living month to month. I cant take it...i have to get back to doing work so I dont blow a fuse. Hope everyone is has a great day. John, look forward to your reply.