Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Walker Staying at UCLA

According to Bob Condotta of the Times UCLA DC DeWayne Walker has decided remain with the school. Walker said in the teleconference that Washington had tried to hire him, and UCLA defensive line coach Todd Howard and linebackers coach Chuck Bullough.

Walker played UW, and Ty for leverage then he stuck the knife in with a twist at the end with his last inappropiate comment. there was no reason to mention the fact that UW was also considering bringing in the other coaches.

Personally I am not too worried about it, I didn't think Walker was worth all the extra money. There are plenty of other solid choices out there in the college and pro ranks. Who even heard of DeWayne Walker two years ago? To me the guy was simply the next flavor of the month.


bigdave967 said...

ok ok now we move on...i think the next guy they go for is norton out of USC. was rumored for UCLA job and i am sure he would love to get the chance to be a def coordinator with a promotion from linebacker coach. plus it would still give us a strong hold in Cali for recruits. dont know his resume to much but slick rick seemed to be going after him if walker was out so he must know something. are there any other prospects out there that you know of?? i just want a tough nosed coach who will bring pressure for 4 quarters. i hate prevent minded defenses, they always end up getting burned. you have to play def with an offensive mindset. maybe bring some no name with all the gusto in the world who wants to make a name for himself.

so i guess there are rumors that ikhemema (butchered the spelling), def tackle out of hawaii is commiting this weekend. Hope they can still go hard after woods and have room for other players. i guess only time will tell.

John Berkowitz said...

Norton has never been a DC before so he probably wouldn't be a great choice. We need someone with a lot of experience.

I am not too disapointed about Walker.