Monday, January 28, 2008

The Kids On the Board

The defection of MacKay to WSU this weekend has opened a spot in the 2008 class. Washington currently has two spots that are still open. These are the guys known to still be on the boards at this time. there could be others. There is always the 50/50 chance of someone committing on letter of intent day that you have never heard of.

1. Marvin Bayless....This Safety from Texas visited late this month and is rated the 50th best Safety in the country. He is waiting for an offer, and Husky coaches said they would get back to him by the end of this week. The Huskies could always move one of their larger safeties if needed to OLB.

2. PaiPai Falemalu....Ty Willingham is in the Islands this week and you can bet he is going to stop by this linebackers house to try to secure a commitment. The Huskies definitely want this kid, but he remain at home.

3. Bradly Roussel....The ILB from Louisiana committed in December but switched to Tulane after Washington asked him to wait a couple of more weeks. Tough to say if he would reconsider Washington, but it's a possibility.

4. David DeCastro....Washington has been making progress but chances are he is headed to Stanford.

5. Donovan Carter....He is still on the board but it will take a miracle to get this athlete away from Walker, and Willingham.

6. Demetrius Guice....Nobody ever answers questions about this kid, but he is a grey shirt candidate for 2009.

7. Benji Kemoeatu....The #2 rated Center in the country always shows up on Washington wish lists. Not sure why he hasn't been offered. Washington supposedly is looking at another lineman in the Islands, not sure if it him or not.

8. Jeffrey LaFrance....A JC receiver with good size and speed from California. this kid has good size and speed, but doesn't graduate till May. You always have to throw a surprise JC guy in there at the end as a possibility.

9. Gerald Hill....The Tacoma athlete is an intriguing candidate that hasn't been mentioned lately who could fit in at TE, or LB. He transferred to Charles Wright from Curtis last year. The move down of a couple of notches in competition didn't help his recruitment.

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