Monday, January 14, 2008

The Monday Morning Wash

Not exactly a great weekend if you were a Husky fan. The basketball team fell to 0-3 in Pac Ten conference play to start the year and it is becoming very obvious that this squad won't match up well with the rest of the Pac Ten this season. The Huskies really needed a split in LA, but the Trojans just blew them out in the last ten minutes of the game.

On the football recruiting front the Huskies picked up OG Mykenna Ikehara as expected from Hawaii, and they lost Bradly Roussel to Tulane after the coaching staff tried to hedge their bets by making him wait a couple more weeks before making the offer official. The Huskies are in on a couple of higher rated LB's, but nothing is ever assured in January. the kids that visit in January are always the ones that take their time before making a decision. History usually tells us that UW does much better in December. Still no reason to panic since this class has room for only a couple more. Hopefully one of those guys will be another offensive lineman.

Nothing new to report in the search for a new DC. Willingham told one recruit that he would like to have the vacancy filled by the end of the month.

We are down in Florida this week picking up a little sun, and golf, so I will be checking in and out as time allows.


bigdave967 said...

Enjoy the vacation.

Earl said...

DC candidates:

Ron Rivera
Mike Singletary

John Berkowitz said...

I like those guy's Earl, but I think the chances of hiring them are probably nill at this point. Ty will likely hire an up and comer from the NFL, or the DC at Kansas. The DC from Kansas rumor seems to have some legs at this point.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks Dave, it sure beats 20 degree weather in chicago this time of the year.