Thursday, September 28, 2006

Arizona Game to be shown live at Hec Ed

Through a unique cooperation between a number of involved parties, the University of Washington at Arizona football game Saturday will be televised live exclusively at the Bank of America Arena on the UW campus. The game is scheduled for a 7 p.m. start with doors open one hour prior and there will be no admission charged to UW students or the general public.
FSN Northwest, UWTV and the Washington ISP Sports Network are working in cooperation with the Arizona and Washington athletic departments to transmit and display the live feed. The video, which will be an unedited feed that originates from the Arizona Stadium video board, will be mixed with the UW's radio broadcast and delivered to large screens in Bank of America Arena. Concessions will be available.

Great job by Turner and his staff to put this together. Too bad it won't be available over the internet, that would have been great for us out of towners. If you are in town head down to Hec Ed.

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