Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend wrap up

USC had a tough time with Arizona yesterday and needed a strong second half to get by the Wildcats 20-3. Arizona is still incapable of putting together an offense and I think the Trojan's were definitely looking ahead to Notre Dame which young teams tend to do regardless of talent.

Cal is back in the limelight after blasting Arizona State 49-21 on TV yesterday. Cal and SC are definitely the class of the league at this point, and ASU seems to be enduring the end days of the Koetter regime. Look for ASU to contunue in tailspin.

WSU won another game yesterday 36-10 against hapless Stanford and is now only three games away from qualifying for a bowl game after an easy early season schedule.

Oregon State just blasted Idaho 38-0, and Dennis Erickson just may have a lot more work to do to get the Vandal program back on a solid footing. No idea how long Dennis will hang around but he should be able to bring in the usual suspects over time to return the Spud's to respectability.

Oregon had the week off to continue it's evil plot to take over the replay officiating world.

Dan Hawkins and Colorado lost a heartbreaker to Georgia in the last seconds of the game...he will have that program fixed in quick order...nothing to worry about in Boulder, they made a good choice.

Ohio St had to rally in the 4th quarter to shut down Penn State in a Big ten matchup.

Boston College lost a heartbreaker to NC St in the last seconds on a 35 yard TD pass.

The bummer of the day was Notre Dame's improbable rally to beat Michigan St who had them beaten pretty much all day. For all SLBOB haters this win by the IRish was a mjor pill to swallow, but don't worry, next week USC will beat them like a drum as usual.

Over here in Hawaii everything is great as we finish our next to last day of vacation and head back to the real world on Monday night. It has been a great three week vacation, and it is the first time I have ever taken a month off from work, feels kind of funny, but well worth it. You only get married once, or at least I will.

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