Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We are enjoying our final night in Maui and head to Kauai in the morning, not too shabby a vacation. This week has been all about rest as we were both exhausted after the wedding weekend. We felt the strength coming back yesterday, and should be better than new when we get back.

An interesting thing happened to me while snorkeling off Kanapali today, my wedding ring slipped off and fell into the surf around 20 yards from shore. Not exactly the best way to start off the morning. We looked for it in the pounding surf in vain for over three hours as many other people from shore donned masks and joined in the treasure hunt. After about three hours a guy two feet from me saw something shiny and dove for it and mazingly enough it was my ring....miracles do happen....special thanks to St Anthony of Padua (patron saint of last causes) for all his divine intervention. What are the chances of finding your ring in pounding surf....just amazing.

We had some amazing meals in Maui, a couple of which were among the best ever. If you visit here try Sonn'z at the Hyatt, Mala Tavern, and Pacific'O, all were just off the charts incredible. the guy that owns Sonn'z is a great guy for a Bruin, and we met him while watching football at one of his other restaurants. He set us up big time at Sonn'z. If you visit Maui it is a must stop.

As far as the Huskies go we have a pretty big physical test this week against Fresno this week, and I expect us to pull out the "W" at home if IS can get his head together. I mthink the coaches and team learned a lot about themselves last week and it is going to carry over to this week. Expect Ty to have a quick trigger regarding IS. They put Carl in the game last week to see what he could do and he responded pretty well. I don't think either is truly the answer, but it would be nice to RS Locker. Every week Locker practices and continues to learn the offense he gets a lot closer to seeing action.

Injury wise UW came out of the game pretty well, but Gottleib, and Lewis are still two weeks away from coming back. Oklahoma really exploited the inexperience at TE by loading up on the ends. IS was able to avoid sacks, but it caused some havoc, look for FSU to try the same thing.

Will post again from the Garden Isle tommorow internet connection willing.

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