Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dirty Duck's?

Oregon played a great game last week in Autzen only to have it marred by bad officiating by the Pac Ten crew who were in charge of the game. We all love to blame Oregon, and it is highly suspicous that the reaply official was also a Nike employee, but these things do happen in in college football every year, and Oklahoma which has served up it's own share of home cooking over the years reaction was understadable, even though it was laughable. The president of OU's demand that the game be eliminated from the record books is the worse type of grandstanding since he obviously knows that would, and never will happen.

Oklahoma is now threatening to pull out of a return game with Washington in 2008 as retaliation which is laughable since we already played down there under good faith. Even though Oklahoma was screwed they are taking the low road as they usually do which is common of community college teams that field major league football teams. My opinin was that I hoped both teams would lose, but of course that is impossible, and as improbable as Oklahoma's demand that the game be wiped from the record books.

The Pac Ten of course reacted, rather than acted by suspending the officiating crew for a week when they should have been fired on the spot. Not sure of the legalities of such a move, but one game is simply not enough. Once again Hansen give's us another reason to wonder why he still has a job.

Down in Eugene everything is strangely silent....hey they got a cheap win, why rock the boat? How Washington get's dragged into is anyone's guess...don't the Duck's have a return game in wouldn't think that Oklahoma would show up in Eugene for a one game series.

The replay official is blaming it on a bad feed tot he press box even though everyone in the stadium, and watching on ABC knew that it was a bad call, now he is thinking of retiring...good cheated another team out of a win and now you feel sympathy here.

The USC agent payoff scandal continues to deepen, yes it is much worse than fruit baskets in the hotel rooms of recruits....look for SC to get off unschathed depite inviting agents intot he locker room which is a big NCAA no no...thank god thaey didn't do something like get involved in a Final Four pool with their golfing buddies.

The Pac Ten continues to lose credibility and respect nationally on a daily basis.


hairofthedawg said...

While, in my opinion, the call was wrong, my reaction is to congratulate the Ducks for being in a position to take advantage of it. It's a strange situation and the Pac-10 us behaving with the the expected amount of intestinal fortitude.

Same thing with the SC testicular fortitude. I entertained some strange thoughts yesterday about making it the Pac-9 but I didn't bother thinking it through. All of this is really beyond my control so I'm not going to worry too much about it, but OU not showing up will tell me something about the fans and administration of the university I'd rather not find out.

I'd like to really know the truth about what went on in the replay booth. The feed or an idiot?

Anonymous said...

John Canzano has the whole story in the sports section of He interviewed the replay official. Its a very good story.

hairofthedawg said...

Any idea who's responsible for the feed?

Health Insurance Expert said...

Ther feed usually comes from the stadiums jumbotron, or from who is telecasting the game.

There were some questionable calls made on the field too...but what happened up in the press box.

Some interesting stuff over on Oregon Live.