Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bruin's Nation, and Oregon Blog

Bruins Nation the premier blog on the web for Bruins football interviewed our friend Zach from UW Dish...they are both in the same blogging network. Nice work, and I think you will all enjoy it.

Bruins Nation

The Wines Family over at the Oregon Blog highlights of course the story of the week, and that was the officiating at the Oregon/Oklahoma game. No truth to the rumor that Michael was in charge of the instant replays in the officiating nice people, and a really nice website.

Oregon Football Blog

This is the last week in the islands, so next week we will be back as we were when the season started, thanks for everyone being patient, most of all Kate!

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Michael Wines said...

Thanks for the nice post. Although I would like to take credit for the "replay" fiasco, my son and I were in NYC to try and see the Yankees play at home. Unfortunatley the game got rained out, but we had a good time anyway...