Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Wash

2-1, sounds sweet doesn't it with UCLA, and Arizona on tap next...can we dare start thinking bowl game? A great weekend where four Washington players were singled out for Pac Ten honor's including CJ Wallace who was named Pac Ten defensive player of the week after recording 17 tackles on about playing a mean centerfield.

Around the league Stanford was killed by Navy in the home opener of their new stadium, Cal actually struggled a bit with Portland St before the eventual blowout, USC dismantled Nebraska, and Oregon literally stole one with the help of a Nike employee masquerading as a replay official in the press box with a win over Oklahoma. WSU got by an improved Baylor team as their cakewalk continues. ASU continued Dan Hawkins inauspicous debut at Colorado...who would have thought the Buff's would be so bad? Arizona needed a strong 4th quarter to overcome 1-AA Stephen F Austin.

What it really shakes down to is that after USC, and maybe Cal, the Pac Ten is a crapshoot and Washington can benefit by continuing to play error free football. Oregon, and ASU which were also picked to contend will not have a chance against the Trojans, and an upper division finish by UW is a good possibility which will jump start a program most people picked to finish dead last in the Pac Ten this year.

UW seems to be playing as a well disciplined team which is making up for the lack of numbers and talent in the early going. The team is starting to really believe and people will always remember the Rayford blocked kick as one of the biggest plays of the season.

Offensively the Dawgs still have work to do to play with UCLA. The Bruins will score points, and 21 isn't enough to win in this conference. Last weeks culprit was five dropped balls that just killed series which Washington could have used to put the game away with early. this week the Dawg's will need all the parts working against a more porous UCLA defense to come out with a W.

Nationally you had to love Michigan's drubbing of Notre Dame which should burst the bubble on the unrealistic rating the Irish have enjoyed throughout the early season. LSU and Auburn played a classic low scoring affair, Florida got by Tennessee, Florida St loses the Bowden Bowl, and Miami starts the year off 1-2. The depleted Big East has roared back with Louisville, and West Virginia showing early national championship aspirations....Don't forget Boise who should finish the season undefeated and bet a shot at a BCS bid...The WAC can play as we have seen the past couple of weeks.

Keep an eye on Washington practice reports this week to see how the victory should inspire another great week of practice. You don't think that these kids have an axe to bury with UCLA?

Well off to the beach and on to the big Island in the morning....


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Greg said...

Did you see the latest news? I read on the G0 2 Guy at the Seattle PI (which was funny, cause he is trying to talk nice about the Dawgs but couldn't) and he said that Tyrone had upped the goals for the team.

There sights should not just be a bowl game, but the Rose Bowl.

Nice. Raised expectations raise results.