Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Arizona isn't very good

Arizona isn't very good. In twelve quarters against D-IA opponents, they have managed one touchdown. They don't block well, and there two top offensive players are going to be banged up going into the game. You add the the mix of Mike Stoops who isn't a very good choice, and some good talent that hasn't jelled together under his watch and you can count on a Washington victory come Saturday night. It all comes down to this....Arizona simply can't put points on the board, and even though they have a decent defense they won't be able to win in this league till they start scoring in the high twenties per game.

Las Vegas has the Dawgs as 4 point underdogs and I think if I were a betting man I would run with the points on this one.

Washington of course can lose any game they play, including this one, but it will take three quarters of what we saw in the first quarter last week for it to happen. the Dawg's aren't exactly a scoring machine, and you can't let the Arizona defense score points. If you hold onto the ball, minimize mistakes you are going to beat this team even in hostile territory. I just don't expect any miracles out of the Wildcat offense. If UW can be consistent they will win.

Arizona gave the Trojan's a bit of a game last week, but I think it was more the story of USC not executing very well on offense during the first half. The Trojans are very talented, but they don't have the experience they enjoyed the last three years. They will their moments from time to time this year.

USC goes on the road to Pullman this weekend, and it is a place they absolutely hate to visit. Will be interesting to see what kind of game the Coug's will be able to give them. I haven't seen WSU play yet so I have no idea of what they are truly capable of outside of being spanked by Auburn.

This weeks UA/UW game isn't going to be on TV, so listen in on the radio, or over the internet. Next weeks tilt against SC will be televised. Washington will have more games on TV each year then they have previously, so everyone cheer up. I would fly down and watch the game but I am way too tired to make the trip. This would be a good time for Turner to get creative and show the game on GoHuskies.com. Not sure if he can get permission to do that with a road game, but at home it may be a possibility.

We asked the question earlier in the week if Washington had turned the corner? Well beating anyone from LA is always a good sign, but the Pac Ten is simply not very good once you get past the top three teams. If Washington finishes with a winning record and heads to a bowl game then you can say we have turned the corner. The next two recruiting classes are going to be large in number, and the quality of those two classes will go a long way in forging the stamp that Ty Willingham puts on the program during his tenure.

If Washington wins they will be 4-1 going into the USC game, and that isn't too shabby for a team that has won only three games over two previous seasons. I honestly don't think we can play with USC, especially on the road, but upsets can happen.

Still coming out of the USC game with a 4-2 record and a respectable showing would boost UW into the upper divison of the conference if they are able to beat Oregon St, Stanford, and WSU. It also looks like they should be able to handle ASU, so an 8-4 record is a distinct possibility for this club. That would be a heck of a springboard into recruiting, and would reward some kids who have had a tough career at UW with a well deserved bowl game.

Can we play with Cal, USC, and Oregon? I need to see a lot more before I believe that, but the next two weeks will tell the story. Willingham has these kids thinking Rose Bowl, now we all know it is pretty remote, but why not shoot for the top?

Expect some news on the ineligible players such as Young, Hasty, Palmer, and Mason. Hasty will be back with the team, and will be ineligible for the rest of the year while he tries to shed the poundage he has gained since last Fall. Not sure what it will be on the other three.

One thing you should expect in the off season is some retooling of the officiating if Tom Hansen has any garbanzo's. You need to take the homerism out of it, or at least keep it on the same par as the rest of the nation, you don't want to be labeled the WAC of the 70's. Remember when going to Hawaii meant you played against two teams rather than one? Frssh blood is needed in the Pac Ten along with anew director of officiating.

If you hate Notre Dame this week may be the last chance they have a good chance to lose until they face USC at the end of the year. The Irish face Purdue in what is always a tough game in Northern Indiana.

We are finally back from Hawaii, it has been a pretty amazing month month for me since I ahave been on vacation since Labor Day weekend which is a new record. I am however glad to be back because you have to return to reality some time. Expect some better stuff in coming days because I have to admit I was just mailing it in while I was away, the honeymoon took precedence over the blog. It was nice to be able to watch all three games from the Islands.

PAC Ten Power Ratings

1. USC.................Trojans ride at #1 till somebody can beat them.
2. California.......Bear's are starting to play like a title contender.
3. Oregon...........Duck's win over Oklahoma is slightly tainted.
4. Washington...Surprising start for the former doormat.
5. Arizona St......Falling apart at the seams.
6. WSU...............Coug's are only three wins away from bowl eligibility.
7. UCLA.............Disspointing showing in Seattle.
8. Oregon State..Have not played well this year
9. Arizona............Will battle the Cardinal for the basement
10. Stanford.......Only 15,000 fans showing up in new stadium

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