Saturday, September 23, 2006

UW-UCLA Game Blog

First Quarter

UCLA takes the kickoff and marches down the field with some viscous blocking, and brilliant play calling. The drive stalls at the 10 and UCLA converts on the FG...3-0 Bruins. UW is going to need to score some points and keep the ball out of the Bruins hands.

Huskies start their first drive at the 24. two runs for little in the middle, then IS underthrows Williams to avoid getting a sure first down, UW punts. Marovick makes another crappy snap, UCLA recovers the muff and has the ball inside the ten, this one could be over early. UCLA takes it down to the one. TD UCLA, and as quickly as this one has begun mistakes have possibly put it out of reach in the first five minutes. 10-0 UCLA. Ty is visibly pissed on the sideline.

UCLA kicks off to UW and Lewis returns it to the 29, UW goes 3 and out, and IS can't hit the broad side of a barn. UCLA starts out their next drive by throwing, get used to it, then Chris Markey breaks a 62 yarder as the defense just is blocked perfectly. This is getting uglier by the second. UCLA stalls again and settle for the FG 13-0 Bruins.

UW starts off at the 30 after another short kickoff, UCLA wants us to return kicks to open up the possibilities of turnovers. Stanback gains a couple. He then completes his firt one to Russo for a couple. Huskies line up 3rd and short and run into the middle for no gain ....terrible. Time to punt. Douglas punts it for a touchback, UCLA starts the next drive from their own 20. Possesion for UCLA in the first half is ridiculous. UCLA starts with a short gain on the ground. 3rd and one for UCLA and Olsen picks it up on the keeper. UW needs some intensity here, could use a turnover. First quarter ends, and it was the ugliest I have seen in years. UW just came out flat against a team that came in pumped up with more talent, bad combination.

Second Quarter

UCLA drives a bit, picks up a penalty for movement, and face a 3rd and long from the UW 40. UCLA hits a 51 yard FG and takes the lead 16-0. UW has another 3 and out, pretty pathetic, Douglas booms one to the UCLA 38 where they take over. UCLA fumbles and recovers, now face the third and long. UCLA finally is stopped and has to punt, they jump offsides. Bruins punt to the UW 20 where Lewis is buried.

UW starts at the 20. Incomplete on the first play. Pass interference on the Bruins as Kirton is tackled before the ball gets there. Husky ball on the 30. Nothing on the ground for Rankin. By the way that was our first first down. Stanback hit while passing and fumbles. The ugliness continues, time for IS to sit. Ty challenges the call, looks like a fumble to me, and the refs agree. Fisrt down for UCLA on the UW 30. Roy Lewis sacks Olsen for a big loss on the Corner blitz, nice call by Baer. 3rd and 18 for the Bruins and it is almost intercepted...big stop by the Dawgs as the Bruin punting crew hits the field.

UW starts at the 10 and James is stopped for nothing....we aren't going to run the ball today.
Stanback runs a draw for 1, UW facing the 3rd and 8 again. Qunton Daniels picks up 19 to keep the drive alive. Sonny reels in another big one streaking down the sideline for 35 yards....maybe we can turn this around. We throw a nice screen for five. We have a drive going. Wood takes it to the UCLA 25 and we are starting to finally click. IS almost throws a pick in the endzone, 2nd and ten, and we need a TD. No blocking and IS throws it away, just ugly. 3rd and 10 form the Bruin 25. IS throws a rocket to Sonny in the endzone.....TD Washington!!! UCLA 16 UW 7....tough to believe we are still in it because it could have gotten very ugly, like 35-0 ugly.

UCLA starts on the 19 after a squib kick. 35 seconds left and UW calls time, Ty wants the ball back. UCLA is stalled on third down as they lose a couple...momentum has miraculously changed. UW calls another TO to stop the clock. 3rd and 4 for the Bruins and UW stop them....UCLA will head to the lockee room leading 16-7, but momentum has changed.

Warren Moon reportedly chewed out IS in the lockerrom at the hal questioning his leadership.

Third Quarter

UW takes the ball to start the half and immeditely starts driving and puts together a great drive for the touchdown. Nice run after the catch by Shackleford. IS seems to have it back together which is his nature, just when you want o pull him he puts it together. Momentum has swung 16-14 UCLA.

UCLA starts their first drive from the 20 after the touchback. Husky defense comes out inspired and looks different in the second half. UCLA has a 3rd and 6 and converts it to the 33 to quiet the crowd. Nice toss by Olsen. So loud that UCLA gets called for delay, 3rd and 13. UCLA picks up 11 or 12, but will have to punt.

Wood takes the punt and is swarmed at the Husky 3o where the Huskies take over. Get a TD on this drive and the game is all turned around. We pick up a short reception to Shackleford who has 6 so far. Stanback fumbles and UCLA recovers. Trouble as mo changes again, you can't give up the ball IS, you just can't.

UCLA is at the UW 24 and UCLA marches to the 13 because of some broken tackles. Need to limit this to 3. UW has plugged the middle, 2nd and 10 from the 13. White stops them again, 3rd and 12. UCLA throws the interception and Meshpin Forrester has another big one as UW dodges the bullet.

Stanback picks up 7 on 1st down, looking good. 2nd and three from the 16 and UW picks up the 1st down on a nice pass tot he underbelly. James picks up a couple to keep them honest. UW is starting to move the sticks. Short passing game making up for the lack of running. 3rd and eight from the shotgun dumps it to James for a small game, Douglas comes into to punt. Need a big one from Douglas to keep field position in check. He delivers a boomer but UCLA returns it all the way back inside the Husky 20....geez. why not kick it shorter, but out of bounds?

UCLA takes over on the Husky 10. Huskies are hitting and the first pitch goes for little yardage.
2nd and 10 and the pass goes for a 2 yard loss....3rd and 12...Huskies stop them and UCLA will go for a FG. UCLA converts for 3, and takes a 19-14 lead. Wow, we still have the momentum believe it or not, and I feel like we we win the game.

Lewis return the ball to the Husky 37 so we start with some good field position. 30 seconds left in the third. IS takes a keeper for 20 yards to start things off, the wheels are coming off for the Bruins. 19-14 at the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

UW starts 1st and ten from the and Lappano stretches them out down the sidelines but incomplete. 2nd and ten from the UCLA 45 and we pick up another 6.....3rd and 5 to Shackleford and he picks it up. IS is on fire right now. The line is blocking well. IS picks uop none on a draw, 2nd and 10 and UW stretches the field again and it is incomplete to Daniels. Big 3rd and 11 for UW.....UCLA intercepts the ball at the Husky 11....IS pump faked and threw off his back foot.

UCLA at their own is loud, very loud, they pick up a few on the ground...2nd at 6 and UW just destroys the screen for a loss of 2...UCLA is calling it very conservatively....3rd and 10 and Olsen gets sacked by Bomar.....Woof! Time to punt.....Wood take it to midfield.

UW starts off at the 50...plenty of time left. James takes a delay for 4....2nd and 6...Great catch by Russo inside the 20 for 23 yards! He fought for that one. 1st and ten to Shackleford down to the 12, he has nine catches tonight. Stanback takes a keeper inside the five, we have first and goal for the Dawg's. James picks up one maybe two tough yards. 2nd and 4....TD Washington to Johnnie Kirton in the endzone on the reverse rollout...great call! UW is going for 2....and converts to Kirton!!! UW 21 UCLA 19

Seven minutes left and UCLA picks up a first down....this is a big one for the Bruins.....Olsen throws an interception and I believe the jinx has been broken TD Washington as Daniel Howell runs it in for a TD for his father who is smiling in heaven. UW 29-19!!!

UCLA is in big trouble they are at their own five with five to play and UW is just beating them up. 3rd and long inside the five, Bruins have to punt.

UW is trying to run down the clock and picks up a false start....need to minimize the mistakes....under 3 minutes left....2nd and 14 and James picks up five.
Huskies have a third and long from the UCLA 39....Shackleford drops a pss for the first down....UW is going to have to punt and Douglas pooches it to the 10.

2:05 left...UCLA has the ball, down by ten.....Olsen picks up a couple of first downs....he is almost sacked on the next play.....1:33 left 2nd and ten....SACK by ALA!!!
3rd and 18, and Olsen picks up a lot of it...Bruins will go on 4th over!!!

UW is now have to like it, and by the way I am 100% as a prognostigator!


hairofthedawg said...

Thanks for the description. I know it doesn't say much about me as a fan, but it was 3am and I had to be at work at 6am and really needed a bit of sleep.

What a way to wake up though...nice return and if the Huskies score here, it's over. I'm still dazed a bit and wondering wtf? 29-19? I should sleep through more games! Thanks Sonny and I couldn't be happier for Dan Howell. I mentioned on the Bruins' blog that maybe Stanback may finally "get it". He might be learning how to win...with a little help from his friends. Hope the Seahawks make it a perfect weekend!

Health Insurance Expert said...

IT was pretty amazing, but when it was only 16-7 at half I knew we had the end of the 1st qtr I wanted to bench IS, shows you what I know.

Michael Wines said...

Nice win for the Huskies!