Saturday, September 30, 2006

You don't bring a Wildcat to a Dawgfight!

Not an artistic success except for the second quarter, but as predicted the 21 points was more than enough to ensure a Husky victory. UW was able to put up 450 yards against a pretty good defense.

UW blew plenty of opportunites in the first quarter and playe dthe second half not to lose, and it worked out fine....21 was more than enough with these guys. IS picked up 340 yard in total offense in a game where he really wasn't as good as he can be.

Dog of the game....Braunstein was terrible, blowing a couple of easy field goals, he can't keep doing that. Pretty miserable performance for the conceited midget.

21-10 victory, we are sitting 4-1...have to love it after so many people dismissed us befpre the season began.

I am going to say it right now, I predict a vistory against USC in the LA....I know you think I am insane, but USC doesn't impress me the way Cal, and Oregon do.....WSU taking you to the last have falllen.


hairofthedawg said...

Quite awhile ago, blogwise, I also suggested that the Dawgs could beat SC. My premise was that of a great start, fortuitous turnovers and the complete demoralization of the Trojans. I think we can play with them now. I still don't think we can beat them without a few breaks, but I do believe it's possible. If our secondary ever get its act together and gets in sync with the rest of the team, the D is pretty damn good. The O is scary in both positive and negative ways. Nice day!!!

Michael Wines said...

Nice win for the Huskies...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Funny the things you will say after a little alcohol, and a victory....did I really say we would be at SC next week? ....Seems like I did...well the Trojans looked very mortal against WSU, and Arizona....we shall see.

;prrbrr said...

johnb, back from Tucson. If these guys play a complete game, beating USC, CAl or Oregon is probable. The issue here is consistency. IS missed a lot of open receivers and threw into 2/3 coverage more than he should have, like he was locked into his primary. I love my fellow Garfield HS alum, but like the team need to be consistent and play 4 qtrs. Morovick still snapping high and Braunstein was not good. STs punt coverage was good to great, PR team was good with M. Wood. Hope he has a craw up his in payback next week for last year against his father's alma mater. IS is the key, tho IMHO,and if he plays lights out for a full game like he did for 5:45 mins in the second quarter, I doubt anybody can beat us (can I revise to 11-1). That said , I will (like Coach Baird) never predict the Dawgs to lose. i will stand with my original 9-3, but this is a good and getting better TEAM.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't think WSU would have fared as well on the road against SC. SC is young, improving every week, and very Prrrbr said it will take four quarters from IS to win. It would be a really good week for him to do that. Defensively we really have improved from week #1, and that is what you like to see.

It's going to be a really interesting game.

hairofthedawg said...

Were Braunstein's missed kicks partially due to bad snaps?

Nice win by the Ducks as well Mike. I'm looking forward to our matchup more and more each week.

John, I really hope I see several more alcohol-fueled, celebratory posts in the coming weeks.

Also, congrats to Reggie Williams and Damon Huard on a couple of great Sundays!!