Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Morning Wash

Great game on Saturday with lot's of improvement shown by the team over last season. Too bad we didn't get better play out of I.S. because victory was there for the taking. Did they come out flat in the 3rd quarter? I really doubt it, just the players being nice to IS in my opinion who never had it the entire game.

Do we have a QB controversy at UW after Bonnell came in late in the game to do well? I think we do, and I think the days of I.S. are only a couple of bad series away next Saturday from ending. I really like the kid, but he was terrible for most of the game and cost us 11 points on the day by looking the same as he has most of his career on Saturday. He has everything you want athletically except leadership , and decision making ability. Isn't that what the QB position is all about? Nice to know that the answer resides on the current roster.

We always figured we would be 1-1 coming into this game, and Fresno St is a really big game as far as bowl contention is concerned. The Bulldogs gave the Duck's everything they could handle at home on Saturday and will be just as formidable a foe as Oklahoma.

Lappano also didn't call a very good game by continuing to force a square peg in a round hole which did not give his QB a lot of help. The call for an option inside the 5 when you have had no trouble running the ball up the middle all day is very questionable to say the least. You have four downs to make four yards, go with the percentages, and the percentages say that I.S. can't run the option under pressure.

Pass defense becomes a real concern as we get closer to the conference season because two teams that don't pass well have put a lot of yards on us the past two weeks. We all were counting on improved play and have yet to see it at the corners. Not many teams will beat UW with the run this year, but they really won't need to.

How good is Oklahoma? I don't think they will beat the Duck's in Autzen, if they do it will really surprise me.

How good is Washington? Much better than most expected, and about where I figured they would be. The question is will they be able to bounce back and win this week against another tough opponent? They will if they get improved play from QB. I expected a lot better performance from IS, obviously he hasn't made a quantum leap from last year but perhaps Carl Bonnell has.

Around the league Boise St just hammered Oregon St 42-12, the game was over by halftime.

The Cougars did what you should do to a WAC opponent ruining Dennis Ericksons return to the Palouse 56-10.

Stanford lost by one to an improved San Jose St team 35-34 in the battle for bragging rights in Silicon Valley. The Spartans will be competitive this year.

Cal bounced back to humble Minnesota 42-17 in another game that was over by halftime.

Arizona St had little trouble with Nevada winning 52-21.

LSU pounded Arizona 45-3.

UCLA struggled with Rice winning 26-16 despite another strong day for Ben Olson.

This weeks ledger has:

UW vs Fresno St and I am taking UW.

WSU vs Baylor and I take WSU.

Oklahoma vs Oregon and I take Oregon.

Cal takes on Portland St and that will be one ugly game...I take Cal.

ASU vs on ASU.

Arizona vs Stephen F. Austin.....I take UA of course.

Stanford vs Navy....Have to go with the Midshipmen in a close one.

Finally USC plays Nebraska and they will pummel the Cornhuskers IMHO.

Internet connection in this area has been an on and off thing for me this week, so I will be posting sporadically as the week goes on.


hairofthedawg said...

My memory could be faulty but it looked to me like they ran the option from the 5 to the short side of the field. Maybe it was the middle, but there was no room at all over there.

A controversy...I don't know. Bonnell looked good, but garbage time is hard to use as a basis for decision. I think the controversy will come when Isaiah takes a long look in the mirror and decides that he wants to make it to the next level. He'll explain it to TW and immediately be a deep threat. Then the controversy will be between Bonnell and Locker and I don't know who I hope wins.

This weekend will definitely be interesting, but the past one gives me hope.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

glad you're up on the dawgs. they really played well for a half.

i think this team will show their real character (or lack of) at home against Fresno st. a big, big game...record wise and morale wise.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I don't think it was a great call, but your 5th year senior QB needs to be able to hang onto the ball nevertheless.

I think they played to their potential in the first half, and were still in it till the fumble, but you have to execute better on offense to win....20 points doesn't cut it anymore.

Fresno is going to be a tough test, this three week stretch will determine how the season goes.

I am pretty surprised how porous the pass defense has been, I expected better, much better.