Saturday, September 09, 2006

Live from Maui

Live from Maui. 9:30 AM. We are watching the game from our room, and we both feel that the Huskies have pretty good chance today, of course we have been drinking a lot over the past week and may be a little delusional by about this time.

We have to go down to the Westin to get internet since the internet connection at our hotel was knocked out by a power surge a few weeks ago. They take their time repairing things over here. So far we have just been recovering from the wedding and all the travel by lying on the beach and sipping Mai Tai's.

First Quarter

So we kickoff to Oklahoma, and Braunstein kicks it out of the stadium.

Oklahoma begins sloppy with a couple of penalties, and Kate declares it is time for Bloody Mary's. Three, and out for the Sooners.

UW takes over at the 46. Kenny James takes it 54 yards to the house, the OL just blows the Sooners away. 7-0 Washington! That is the way to start a game! I smell upset!

Sooners come back with a couple first downs, but UW is really applying some good pressure so far. Sooners are forced to punt once again. Great punt by the Sooners which puts UW back on their one yard line. In past years the PR would have tried to make that catch rather than letting it go which would have been big trouble. The Huskies have no room to operate and are unable to get a first down and narrowly avoid a safety. Douglas out punts his coverage with a 73 yarder and Reggie Smith takes it back 63 yards…Oklahoma is threatening inside the Husky 10. Adrian Peterson isn’t getting any running room, have to be impressed with our D so far. TD Oklahoma as Malcolm Kelly snares one in the end zone. 7-7 and a great game so far.

UW starts it's next series from the 25 after an off sides on the Sooners. Larry Burdine the Sooner DE is having a pretty active game so far. UW needs to show it can drive the ball. I.S. seems a little tentative so far, he calls a TO on 3rd and 11. UW is forced to punt, Stanback is still not making decisions quickly enough. Douglas did a helluva job getting the punt away after the high snap.

Sooners start at their 35. Peterson finally get loose for 26 yards. You can’t tackle him with one arm. Interception by Scott White!!! We just hammered the Sooner QB. I hope you guys are having as great time because we are!

I.S. finally gets things clicking as the momentum changes and drives into OU territory.
Rankin slams it down to the OU 36. Our OL is doing very well so far.

Second Quarter

1st down from the 23 and IS once again is not getting many yards as sthe Sooners are keying very well on him. Rankin keeps on churning up yards because we are knocking the snot out of OU with our OL. IS swings out wide with a blocker in front of him and throws the ball away, he has an easy TD, or first down. He still isn't clicking. Braunstein nails the 3 and it is 10-7 UW. If I am Lappano I keep handing the ball off to Rankin and James till they prove they can stop him. I switch the emphasis from IS who is brain cramping.

Specialty teams are still pretty iffy for UW. This game could be decided by special teams.

OU starts from the 35. The Sooner’s are going to continue to give the ball to Peterson. Thompson isn’t much of a QB. The Husky D is hitting. Nice 3rd down conversion by the Sooners. UW needs more pressure. 4th down for the Sooners and they are going for 3 and it is good 10-10.

UW starts the next drive from the 20….I tell ya, we can play with these guys. IS still isn’t able to get anything going. Lappano needs to rely on what is working, and that is handing the ball off to Rankin and James. Reece picks up a 1st down on a screen, very nice job. OU is not tackling well, keep running the ball. Russo picks up a big gainer and UW is on the OU 20 and threatening to score again. Kirton lines up at FB and makes a reception for a good game, nice twist. UW is controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. UW is starting to hammer it inside the five. The drive stalls at the five as OU obviously has IS handled. Braunstein puts it through the uprights 13-10 UW.

OU starts from their 25. 2:41 left in the half. OU is moving again and takes it to 50 and calls TO, UW could use a sack about now. OU is using a quick passing offense now. OU is threatening as we over run Thompson on the blitz. OU down to the 20 with a pass top Smith. OU is forced to kick a FG and it is good 13-13.

49 seconds left in the half and UW takes over from the 20. The Huskies are just going to run the ball and let the clock run down. Nice first half Dawgs!

First Half Notes

The key to the first half was Washington dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The OL looks really solid which has us all surprised for the second straight week. If they stay healthy we can go bowling. Penalties and turnovers where never a factor as UW played with a lot of discipline. Matt Fountaine is a guy the Sooners will pick on in the second half if Thompson can deliver the ball. The DB’s need some work. IS is still brain cramping, but at least he isn't making fatal mistakes. I think they should keep handing the ball off to Rankin and James rather than go with the designed IS plays which OU has scouted and sniffed out.

Third Quarter

OU kicks off to UW and Lewis takes a knee, UW starts from the 20. Rankin takes the first carry on a pitch sweep for 10. We still are dominating the line of scrimmage. Rankin picks another 9 and says to OU…try to stop this because if you can’t we are going to keep doing it till you can. Huskies up around midfield with a crucial 3rd and 10. IS from the shot gun and overthrows deep, weird call…time to punt. Douglas needs to pin them deep and shanks a 23 yarder.

OU takes over from the 30, and Peterson just smokes CJ Wallace to the 40. Look for OU to run him 20-25 times in the second half. Husky DB’s are having problems but the Thompson isn’t accurate enough to take advantage. 3rd and five for the Sooners and OU picks it up on a swing pass. OU is driving at the Husky 35. TD Oklahoma as the UW CB gets burned one and one by Kelly. 20-13 Sooners. As predicted the Sooners are going to pick on the corners and let Peterson carry the ball.

UW starts from the 20 after the touch back. IS gets chased on the first play and almost throws the INT. Momentum has changed. 3rd and 10. Motion 3rd and 15. Huskies call a draw which is the same as saying no mas. IS is not having a good day. Blocked punt, now the wheels are coming off….bummer. Need to hold it to a FG, and they do…we are still in it. OU 23-13. Morovick may be a fine snapper, but he hasn’t impressed me today, plus the defense just runs right through him.

UW starts from the 20 once again after the touch back. IS on 3rd and ten avoids the sack and makes a great athletic play to get a 1st down. Is still isn’t setting his feet well and clicking. 3rd and 14 and IS scrambles for what is nearly a 1st down. Huskies are left with a 4th and 2. Douglas gets off a nice punt which pins the Sooners back inside the 20. IS could have had a first down if he had better field awareness. I hate to keep knocking him but he is a deer in the headlights who isn’t using his head out there. You have to credit the team speed of the Sooners for neutralizing him.

OU starts at the 19. Now it is OU’s turn to make some mistakes as penalties back them up inside the five. Nice nipple shot by the women’s BB coach of OU…geeez classy….get some bandaids or wear a bra on national TV.

OU Fumble and UW recover's at the 4! OU decides to challenge the call. From the replay it looks like a sure fumble. OU looses the challenge.

UW from the OU 4, 1st and goal. IS screws up, doesn't pitch, fumbles and gives the ball back to OU. Why not just run straight ahead? I mean they haven’t stopped it all day? Bonehead call by Lappano with poor execution by IS l. Just terrible, just terrible, IS didn't’t give us the chance to win simple as that.

OU is driving again as they take advantage of the corners once again. Peterson is one helluva an athlete. Nice way to get him the ball and Gunheim is shook up on the play. Gunheim has been a non factor today. Way too much time for Thompson as he threads a long one to Kelly between three receivers who couldn't go for the ball. Peterson marches it in from 17 yards and it is now 30-13.

What a momentum changer, here you are at the three, you have them on the ropes, and that bonehead lets them off. Great athlete, but the wink link on offense, tought to win a big one with this kid. IS fumbles again on the next possession! Ref’s call the ball down so UW retains possession. We had this game, we had it, and IS just negated in the third quarter. Tough for the rest of the players who fought so well to be undone by inconsistent QB play. I like the kid personally, who doesn’t, but he just doesn’t have it today.

Bottom line though, this team is much better, and can win with Locker in the future.

Fourth Quarter

UW starts with a bang as Garcia gets a 15 yarder after the whistle….the wheels are coming off. Stanback responds by almost throwing a pick. 3rd and 23…Kirton lets one slip thorough his hands. The Huskies lack of TE’s is hurting them as Oklahoma is now rushing at will by stacking the ends, and taking advantage of the mismatch. Morovick is not snapping well at all. Douglas just kicked another 80 yard punt…amazing.

OU takes over from their own 20. Peterson takes it for 9, the defense is beginning to tire. I think OU is just going to hand it to Peterson from now on and take it home. UW’s defensive front has been impressive against the run for the most part. A.P. is the best back they will see all year. OU has a 4th and 2 and elects to punt.

UW starts from the 33 with still a glimmer of hope down by 17. IS is still scrambling around and picks up a bout 40 yards laterally before throwing it away. He is 1-9 in the second half. 3rd and 8 and completes a pass to Shackleford for the first down. IS completes another to Kirton as we start to drive. Kirton is having a good game. UW is down around the OU 20. 3rd and 3 and IS is sacked…fantastic, poor snap is the culprit in the shotgun. Why not run the ball when you have two downs left? IS scrambles just shy of the first down and OU takes over. Man, Oh, Man is this tough to watch.

OU from the 20….Stoops smells blood and decides to run it up and pick up some votes in the polls. The Sooners go deep into UW territory on a long pass completion. UW needs to keep these guys out of the end zone in the 4th quarter to keep it respectable. 2nd and 13 from the 20. UW takes a time out which is interesting, do they really think they are still in it? I guess Ty wants another drive to make it close. OU is really trying to score here. I just saw Peterson throw one heckuva block. 4th and 1, OU show’s their traditional questionable sportsmanship by not going for a field goal, and by calling a time out. Nice to know we get that jerk back in Husky Stadium in the future, Dawg's need to stop these guys. OU picks up the 1st down. 2nd and a couple feet left to go for the Sooner’s . Mateaki limps off the field. TD Oklahoma by Peterson two TD's and 165 yards rushing with 107 in the second half. 37-13 Oklahoma….not exactly a rout, but not pretty either.

UW sets up for what will be the final drive of the game, and ABC changes to the Iowa Syracuse game. Huskies do score a late TD to make it respectable, thanks ABC, but who can blame them.

Final game notes

We never expected a victory, and we all saw a lot of good things out there. IS didn’t give UW a chance to win this today and he didn’t look much different then he did last year. It is a shame because we had our chances today. UW is going to win a lot more game this year as long as they limit the mistakes. Oklahoma has better athletes, but I didn’t feel like they outclassed us, the offense just beat themselves in the 3rd quarter today. Pass defense is going to be a concern. Oklahoma did well against our secondary using a QB with a weak arm. Pac Ten QB’s will be much better. Oklahoma will not beat Oregon next week, you read it here.

Aloha and Mahalo from John and Kate!


hairofthedawg said...

As far as the game, you covered it well. I was lucky enough to find it on TV over here, as were other UW fans in this theatre.

After reading dawgman, I have to add that I hope we play the Sooners often. It will alway be good competition and from every post I've read, it sounds like a fun place to visit. I'm looking forward to visiting.

Halftime was a pleasant feeling!

prrbrr said...

johnb, got back yesterday from OKC. Had a very nice time at Bricktown (lots of good food and bars). The pregame rally hosted by UWAA was one of the better ones we have been to; they need to get together with the fifth quarter folks at home and share notes. I feel real bad for my previous weeks post. No sooner(pun) did I praise IS and Morovick, and two different personalities show up the next week. IS fumble was the momentum killer, you could feel the energy just ooze out of the team and the fans that were there. It was a great first half, even with IS having IMO his worst day as a QB. Lappano's calls also were an enigma, agree with you, run the ball until they can stop it. ST coverage remains a work, Sean Douglas the bright spot. BTW, on the very last PAT, I counted only 10 Huskys on the field. Had my wife count too, but since it was made, and there is no tape of it since you said ABC cut out by then, no foul. Fresno St will be our gut check for the year. they played Oregon right to the wire. We will see if these kids can get over their mental blockage against playing balls out for 60 minutes and recover to win this game against a very tough opponent. Since I praised some kids the week before and they stepped on it, I won't say a thing this week except to say we had a nice time for almost all (minus 30 mins) of our trip.

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Sorry about the formatting errors. Had to do the blog in word and post it once I got a live connection after the game. Blogger obviously does not like Word.