Monday, September 25, 2006

The Monday Morning Wash

One of the most interesting things that happened this weekend was the various Seattle area sports columnists taking the tepid first step toward jumping on the Ty Willingham bandwagon.

Steve Kelly's column of course always gives us the best of cowardly sports journalism as he declares the Huskies bowl worthy after panning Willingham and the Husky program in general for four years (master of the obvious). Hard to believe he was George N. Meyers replacement. (He is a loser) Steve only know's the NBA, everything else he writes is just random hyperboly. I will give him credit for the golfing in Afghanistan column, that was special...Steve stick to what you know, you don't know football. (By the way Gary Payton has left he building, Sonic's are next, then your job.)

Bob Condotta of course is only comfortable complaining about access to Ty and predicting Husky losses, he was of course dissapointed that the Huskies rallied to beat FUCLA. After a little criticism here they have opened up their blog for comments from the populace....learning curve going on here. (Bob, get on the bandwagon.)

Same thing with the ever negative, and clueless Molly Yanity who has never met a center snap she didn't like. She continues to show each week she has a limited grasp of the game. The PI has much better writers on the staff. All the local writers make Jim Moore look really positive.

Ted Miller was strangely silent, the best college football writer in the N.W. may want his job back from Molly Yanity now that he has something to write about. Can't blame Art Thiel for reassingning this fine writer during the transition. The PI always tries to make it's point which is at least refreshing, but please give Ted back to the Huskies, we have suffered enough.

Look for more crappy articles on the team this week in the local rag's as they expect the team to collapse on the road against Arizona this week. Not a bad bet if you consider past history, but readers here know better. For those in the know all you have to do to beat Arizona is score three TD's, their offense sucks. The low scoring game against SC was a fluke, SC was looking ahead to ND. SC will spank ND.

Warren Moon has taken a distinct personal interest in IS, he seems to know how to push his buttons, and I see a lot of similarities in the two QB's....Rose Bowl? Well Ty, and Warren think it is more than a possibility, reminds me of 1977, and we are off to a better start. This team will go as far as IS will take them, and he is just brushing on his future potential. The kid has the best arm, and legs of any past, or future Husky QB, just needs to polish his mind. Kudo's to Warren for pitching in,

UW picked up a couple of commitments over the weekend reeling in Nate Williams from Kennedy. and Dwight Aguillar from Denver, Colorado...kudo's for Bob Simmons for the Rocky Mountain connection that will net at least one more player for the 2007 class. Simmons is a top recruiter and an underated bonus for the current Husky staff. Bob is big in LA, the Rockies, and Texas. People who underestimate his importance on the staff are asleep at the wheel.

The Pac Ten is wide open with only SC and Cal distinguishing themselves early. Oregon of course has done well, but the Oklahoma win at home with "home" cooking does not impress me. I predicted to much laughter that the Dawg's would win 7 games, and now I am thinking 9 is a possibility. ASU, and Oregon do not scare me, USC, and Cal do.

Congratulations to Todd Turner for his son's performance against O'Dea this weekend. The Seattle Prep Sophmore QB put himself on the recruiting map with this performance. I went to O'Dea, and hate Prep, but you can't argue with talent. Todd, why would you send your kid to a snotty school like Seattle Prep, is academics really everything?


hairofthedawg said...

It also looks like the UA blog is looking for a new blogger. A lot of the commentators seem happy about that, so maybe it was for the best. I thought the original guy was a little over the top, but still pretty funny. I guess that's not always a good combination when the blog is kind associated with a newspaper.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I noticed the PI dropped it's fan blog as well.