Saturday, September 23, 2006

Program turning the corner

I guess you can say that the program is starting to turn the corner, but Arizona is a must win for them next week on the road to keep this bandwagon rolling. 3-1 is an accomplishment for these guys even though UCLA is mortal, and Arizona coming up next week is mediocre, still we are winning the games we are supposed to win.

I enjoyed Bob Condotta's blog where he had to eat some crow today for predicting a UCLA victory, but that his job, to predict what he really thinks will happen. I love it when the sportswriters are surprised, but after today's first quarter it really looked pretty ugly. Holding UCLA to 16 points rather than giving up 35 was the key to this victory.

I also have to admit I wanted to pull IS midway through the 2nd quarter, but he sure did losen up and get a lot better as the game went on. This is the first time in his career, HS, or college where he has won two games in a row...imagine that...he is learning how to win.

How about the defense today, was that a return to old style Husky defense, especially in the second half? You have to like how Baer called the game. Anyway had to sneak this in before dinner on the beach tonight!

What do you guy's think, have we turned the corner?


hairofthedawg said...

Maybe it's only me, but what I find amusing, other than the post on Bruins' Nation that call Karl Dorrell a GIGANTIC VAGINA, are the ones that ask when basketball season starts.

nach said...

If the Huskies keep playing defense like this then, yes, we'll win a few more games this season. But don't give me any crap about a) beating AZ or b) getting a bowl game that matters. UCLA stopped UCLA as much as the D (though the touchdown was nice) and the offence is just too inconsistent to win on a regular basis.

hairofthedawg said...

you're right in some respects nach, at least as far as the Bruins beating themselves, but I prefer to look at it as them not quite having the guts to really do what could have done us in. The D was nice but I would have preferred our offense keeping our D off the field and I'm pretty disappointed with the running game of late.

It's a long season and as I've said before, each game will be a barometer of the team's progress. I'm hopeful, but they still haven't shown me that they've "got it". They have shown heart, and that at least half of the battle.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

that was something today!

i was in the student section and the place was bouncing! it was a resilient win and a great halftime adjustment by the coaching staff.

by putting IS in the shotgun, it allowed him to see the passing lanes better and he ended up having himself a fine afternoon.

this is the first time we've beat UCLA since 2000 and boy does it feel good. this team is playing with a lot of confidence and need to take it into the desert next week against u of a.

great day to be a husky!

U-Dub Dish

Health Insurance Expert said...

I think UCLA got real conservative in their play calling after Olsen's first turnover and that contributed to their loss. When UW made a turnover they kept attacking, UCLA stopped attacking so the gigantic vagina comment is probably valid.

I however don't think UCLA beat themselves, I think UW took it to them.

I predicted UW woud win seven games this year and we are right on schedule....this was a serious confidence builder and just shows you what momentum can do on both sides....UCLA should have been up 35-0, the fact that it was only 16-0, the 16-7 at half is the story of the game.

hairofthedawg said...

I can see that point of view as well John from reading afterward about the game, but going into it I would have predicted TW to be the more timid coach. Glad to be wrong!

Seems strange to say that we now have to get the running game back on track.

Anonymous said...

johnb, got back to SoCal after 10 days in SEA for FSU and UCLA, so a lot of catching up to do. Got to attend a practice b4 UCLA on Tue. This team believes/knows they can win. What would epitomize their attitude is gunheim running down their PR from behind, NO MORE QUIT On this team. Morovaickj hasn't been the same since he got that punt blocked at Oklahoma. Is he thinking too much about who he has to block. ST still remains a worjk in progress. Unsure if Coach Simmons is up to the task. To me , too many mental errors or lack of awareness where you are in space and time. IE Roy Lewis running it out on KOR from 2 yds deep, and also instaed of merely touching the ball after a punt where Chris Stevens batted the ball out of end zone to one , Roy Lewis comes in with body momentum to carry ball into zone for a touchback. I believe if we playa good game, we win at Az, however, I have been there too many times where we had a face plant, 92 Shelley dropping the ball, and gilbys disaster in 2004. Huskies 31-10

Health Insurance Expert said...

Some really good comments guys, and some really good news coming in tonight on the recruiting front so stay tuned to Dawgman since Kim will be on with a chat around 8 pm.

On special teams I have to agree we are not there yet, but that has a lot more to do with depth at this point then coaching...fresh bodies do make a big difference on special teams, and when all the starters are playing all the time you will see some breakdowns.

That being said I don't think Simmons is a special teams guru, but he has a lot of coaching experience, and is a great recruiter.

The problem with Morovick is simple, he is a bit green, but will get better when he has the opportunity to add a little more size...right now teams are taking advantage of that size, and remember he had a year off from football....snapping is light years ahead of where it used to be despite a few miscues.

I don't see this team having a face plant in the desert this coming week...and I also think a young talented USC team was looking ahead to Notre Dame. Arizona is always stout on "D" they just can't score.