Tuesday, September 05, 2006

San Jose Review

Tonight we see the Husky replay in a totally new format on the Dawg Channel which is an internet based media application the UW has put together with their broadcast partners to show replays, live games, highlights, and press conferences. I like the effort on this one since Fox dropped the replays because they were losing money.

Each year I pick one particular guy to place a lot of extra focus on while watching the game. Last year it was Greyson Gunheim, this year it is going to be EJ Savannah. Greyson didn't look very good till midway through the season when he finally got his footwork down, then of course he took off. I am picking EJ initially this year because like Greyson I think he has what it takes to be an impact player.

Tight End is a concern since Gottleib, and Lewis are going to be out with a broken hand, and broken foot respectively. Walter Winter has been moved over to temporarily bolster the position, Paul Homer is another guy they may be considering. You might even see the twist of a Marcus Reese lining up out there at times.


Well due to technical difficulties I wasn't able to see the game tonight. Did anyone else get that thing to work? I guess they will show it again tomorrow, but I will be on a plane.

I will say this, I think if we can stay healthy we can win some games this year, and I think the team will get better every week.


I think we can play with these guys if we have plus ratio in the turnover department. I am not predicting a victory, but we will have our chances. A victory would be a huge upset non the less.

I think the Duck's will slaughter the Sooner's when they play in Autzen, I just don't think Oklahoma is a BCS contender.


I am off to the Airport, and my next report will be written from recliner with a Mai Tai in my hand.

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