Friday, September 15, 2006

Fresno State Prediction

Fresno State arrives tommorow for what is a pretty big game for both programs. Win and you are 2-1 thinking of bowl games, lose, you are 1-2 and being criticized by the fans, media, and alumni.

Washington should win tommorow, and they will if they don't turn it over and keep running the ball up the middle. I expect IS to bounce back and have a good game at home. He has a habit of doing that, if not CB will be warm on the bench with the coaching staff not hesitant to use him. Frsno is not Oklahoma, and they gave the Duck's a tough one at home last week, but UW should be equal to the task in what amounts as a payback game for our seniors.

On Offense I look for the Dawgs to rack up nearly 300 yards on the ground, that's right, 100 yard games for both Kenny, and Louis. UW will try to simplify things for IS, and look for the designed plays/runs to be less than last week. You can also expect to see a little more of Johnnie Kirton down by the goal line, but Mark Palaita had some excellent lead block last week.

On Defense we need to stop the pass because Fresno obviously will try to exploit the secondary. Daniel Howell is out with a death in the family, but Chris Stevens, and Scott white should fill in nicely. Fresno likes to pound the middle too, but as we saw against Oklahoma, and San Jose run defense can be a strength even against a Heisman type candidate. Paul Williams is a guy to keep an eye as the emotion should propel the talented NFL bound receiver to a big game if he can get his hands on the ball.

Hang onto the ball, keep it simple, and we win.

I am picking UW by a touchdown, I just think the team is ready for a big win over a traditional WAC I really say that?

So Aloha, and Mahalo and I hopefully will see most of you in the dawgman chat room during the game if possible. You never know over here if the internet will work, or where the game will be on...all part of the fun.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

love the optimism! let's bring it home tomorrow!

Go Dawgs!

The Dish

hairofthedawg said...

I agree with most of what you say except that I feel these teams are very much alike and both need to stop the run and force the other to their weaker suit. I've never seen their QB, but I do know Isaiah can throw it pretty damn well when he's on his game. If we can give him a comfort zone by establishing the run, watch out.

Our secondary does scare me, but I'm hoping Goldson is a little healthier and they see more mistakes to potentially capitalize on. There were a few bright moments against OK and I hope we'll see more this week.

I think the game goes down to the wire and we're up by 3 to 7. A nice showing by the fans would really help!