Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Around The Pac Ten Blogs

We are a quarter way into the football season and the Pac Ten blogs are warming up and starting to get fun. I found Arizona, UCLA, and WSU to be pretty funny.

The USC Blog has a review of their upcoming opponent Washington State who they meet on the ride in Pullman.

"The Cougars, like the Trojans, boast a stable of running backs featuring sophomore, DeMaundray Woolridge, junior, Derrell Hutsona and freshman, Dwight Tardy. Woolridge looked to be the main guy this season after helping Jerome Harrison carry the rushing load last season, but Tardy and Hutsona have proven to be every bit as necessary."

The Arizona Blog has found a new ringleader....I give you a letter to Tuitama

"Dear Willie,
As an Arizona football fan I just want to let you know how much of an overrated, over-hyped, horrible quarterback you are. Sure, last year you came off the bench more than halfway through your freshman season to lead the Cats to a road victory over Oregon St. Sure, you passed for 335 yards. But really, what does that mean? You think I am impressed with 335 yards passing and a road victory in-conference? Please. I pass for over 300 yards every time I play College Football ’07 on my Xbox. "

On the WSU Blog the folks there are trying to limit their enthusiasm over Washington's victory over UCLA by writing a love letter to all UW football fans.

"Anyone who knows Northwest College football, knows and remembers the famous Don James addage: "when you get to the endzone, act like you've been there before." So, spare us the rant Dawg fans, you've done nothing so far and are STILL NOTHING despite a having a program that happened to have a GREAT run in the late 70's and early 80's before falling flat in the last half of that decade...Oh, and you had a great run there in the 90's, if it wasn't for a minor technicality:


The UCLA Blog of course is looking for the momentum to hire a new head coach after last weeks loss to Washington.

After a decidedly spineless and clueless performance in Seattle, we've been treated to a delightful performance by the Bruin coaching staff. They kicked it off by playing the blame game, evidence of a potential implosion. Then, more troubling signs of ineptitude, as the excuses kept growing, and the nation began to take notice of the problems in Westwood.

Stay tuned to a the Beaver Blog about their upcoming date with California. Despite the win over Idaho the Beavers are still the second ranked team in Idaho.

The California Blog feels they would beat Tennessee in a rematch.

"Cal is rapidly erasing the memories of their opening game embarrassment in would be a much different game if played today...Jeff Tedford's crew heads to Corvallis, Oregon this weekend to take on the Oregon State Beavers . Oregon State has nowhere to hide Saturday against No. 20 California. Dominating Eastern Washington and Idaho was nice, but what did it prove? Getting blown out at Boise State wasn't the end of the world, but was it a sign the Beavers are every bit the team predicted to finish seventh in the Pacific-10 Conference? "

The Oregon Blog reports that the Duck's have been getting healthy during their week off.

"There doesn't seem to be any issue with Jonathan Stewart and Jeremiah Johnson, Oregon's leading rushers, who seemingly participated without limits in Monday's workout."

At ASU they are recovering from the loss to Cal and trying to find a bright side.

"The Sun Devils actually out rushed Marshawn Lynch and the vaunted Cal running attack, 237 yards to 139 but Cal QB Nate Longshore picked up the slack going 18-26 for 270 yards and four TD's. Longshore was on the money all day long and the ASU defense, who entered the game leading the nation with 18 sacks, could not get any pressure on Longshore."

At Stanford they are both winless, and blog less, a bad combination, but we can always dig something up in the San Jose paper.

"If Saturday wasn't rock bottom for the Stanford football team, it had to be close. With its new stadium about two-thirds empty on a sun-splashed afternoon, the Cardinal delivered another uninspired performance, losing to Washington State 36-10."


hairofthedawg said...

I had just finished reading the letter to Tuitama and was headed back here to make sure you knew they were up and running again. They're off to a good start.

Health Insurance Expert said...

You have to love it when they rag on their own players.

hairofthedawg said...

and their fans.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Pretty funny stuff....the WS?U blog is priceless too as they lash out every which way....UCLA just had me rolling on the floor.

Is WSU really better than Army?

prrbrr said...

Johnb, will be driving tomorrow to TUS. I know we can beat these guys, I just hope the correct team shows up for this game. They can be slow starting and Jeckl and Hyde, which could lead to another face plant in TUS. I hope we go after Tuitama since he might be slowed by his injury, and make him the next Steve Stenstrom in his psyche when he plays the Dawgs. What I will be looking for improvement wise this game is Morovick on long snapping, less confusion on our KOR Sts, better coverage on KOR and PRs; the reestablishment of our running game from the RBs, and the continuing improvement of IS in decision making and execution. I love my dawgs 27-17. My pre season was 9-3 with great luck.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I know we can beat these guys too, and I feel confident going into the game that we will come out with a W. That being said I am also sure it will be a competitive game, Arizona is going to show up for this one. Hopefully we can rattle the QB early, good chance of doing that with their young OL.