Saturday, September 30, 2006

Early returns

Interesting day in college football so far....some upset's brewing out there.

Illinois beats Michigan St....if you didn't realize it....Illinois sucks....John L Smith is on the hot seat after losing two he had no business losing.

Alabama is giving Florida all they can handle leading 10-6 at the half.

Georgia Tech is handing it to Virginia Tech 24 -13 after putting up 3 TD's on the board in the 1st qtr., Should be an interesting 2nd half.

Oregon is just dominating Arizona St 24-3 at half. The Duck's look pretty good, and ASU looks very beatable for UW at home.

We all hope that Notre Dame will lose, but not this week, they are up 35-14 over Purdue in the 4th qtr..

California is up 28-0 over Oregon State at half. Like the Duck's they are a team with title possibilities.

Missouri beat Colorado 28-13 to go to 5-0 under Gary Pinkel who was on the hot seat headed into the season. So far, so good in Columbia.

Iowa is playing Ohio St tonight at home. I am sure we will all be rooting for the Hawkeyes.

I am looking forward to watching USC/WSU which will give us a good idea on how good the Trojans are. Can they win another Pac Ten title?

In the nightcap we have Washington and Arizona.....will be back during the game.


Michael Wines said...

We softened ASU up for you guys! As Darth said, "all too easy".

Health Insurance Expert said...

softened? I think you actually put a stake through their heart.

I am really impressed with Oregon, they were dominating today, I guess it all comes down to next week when you face Cal.

Cal frightens me, and I am sure it will be a great game!

hairofthedawg said...

I have to agree with John...nicely done! Look at the Coogs though... 14-12 at the half. I can't watch it, but do the Trojans really look that vulnerable?