Thursday, August 07, 2008

D'Andre Goodwin - UW Difference Makers

When he hit campus three years ago he picked up the nickname the Flea. He wasn't exactly the biggest guy on campus, but he ended up being one of the fastest, if not the fastest kid on the team. The coaches decided to redshirt him because we had plenty of receivers at that time, and he needed to build some muscle.

Last season the "Flea" debuted playing with a mostly veteran lineup of underachieving wide receivers who have now departed. It was an important year because he got to run some routes in game situations and adjust to the speed and physicality of conference play. This spring that experience paid off as he ended up being the most impressive receiver on the squad, and will also get a shot at taking over Anthony Russo's punt returning job this fall.

Jake Locker says it best, he feels that Goodwin is going to be his go to guy in 2008, and will end up being one the top receivers in the conference by the end of the year. This is a kid who has the ability to haul in 70 plus passes this season, and that production is going to be needed if the Husky offense is going to improve.

Goodwin is one of those kids that nobody in the conference has ever heard of, and he shares that title with all his fellow talented WR's. What sets him apart right now is the ability to run good routes, get seperation, and most importantly hang onto the ball. Once he does get the ball he has the ability to be a game breaking receiver.

The only knock on him is his size, and it is going to be very interesting to see how he fares against the very physical Oregon secondary in the first game of the season. I think the "Flea" and Patrick chung are going to develop a very close relationship immediately after kick off. Like all new kids on the block the defenses are going to test his toughness. They are going to deliver hits him whether he has the ball or not. How he responds to that treatment will go a long way in deciding whether he will be a significant factor in 2008.

D'Andre was one of the last recruits in his class. The Huskies picked him up after some bigger names chose other schools at the last minute. The coaches liked his speed, and ability, but they knew he was a raw talent who wasn't ready to play right away. The wait has been worth it as we found out last spring. Expect great things out of the "Flea" in 2008.

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