Saturday, August 16, 2008

WSU Snags Three In State Recruits

Gino Simone, Kirby Moore and Jamal Atofau all committed to Washington State today. Atofau from Bellevue never showed any interest in Washington and that lack of interest was mutual. Simone and Moore are surprises because both have HS teammates playing at Washington and had official vists last week. Simone played with Willingham's son and was coached by current Husky RB coach Steve Gervais.

Washington is loaded at receiver and can survive without Moore, and Simone, but you hate to lose a couple of in state guys that you wanted. The uncertainty of Willinghams tenure after this season obviously played a big part in their decisions along with the chance of immediate playing time across the mountains.

UW needs to win some early games to solidify its next recruiting class. The news this week that Fellner and Coleman had committed is nice, but when you lose kids in your own backyard you have to start closely examining what you are doing.


hairofthedawg said...

I think part of the lure of Simone was Heaps, and I'm not saying that in a sour grapes mode.

I don't blame him for not wanting to compete with what is an obvious glut of talent at his position.

It fits the definition of a Coog! Or a Duck! But if the shoe fits...he'll be wearing it.

Go Huskies!

John Berkowitz said...

Heaps and Simone are not a package deal. Way too many intangibles between now and next summer.

I think WSU offers a receiver a better opportunity to play earlier next year just like UW offered the same type of opportunity this year.

I think you can find kids of equal and greater talent in California.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Moore hasn't committed, per Realdawg.

John Berkowitz said...

One thing about commits is they are not official till they sign a LOI in February.

bigdave967 said...

A little off topic, but i heard they are thinking of making the National LOI day sometime in December so that teams can focus more energy on the uncommited kids...supposed to help save money on traveling to meet with kids that have already verbally committed. What do you think?

John Berkowitz said...

One thing that has been discussed is an early signing period during the summer before the teams head for camp.

They already have a December signing period for the JC's so adding the HS players to that one might make sense also. It would mean you wouldn't have to babysit your earlier commit for two more months.

Ty Willingham sho is head of the CFA sys it will take more study.