Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jerry Brewer on Willingham etc...

When you ignore a beat writer all his/her friends come to his/her defense. Those friends just happen to be at all the local papers. Beat Oregon on Saturday Tyrone and it all starts to go away. Win a few more in a row and you will be a labeled a misunderstood genius. Start 0-3 and it won't be very pleasant.

Jerry Brewer of the Times writes a sensitive follow up to Bud Withers earlier article.

I've abandoned trying to dissect Tyrone Willingham. I don't think there are any secret meanings behind his words and don't believe he's a very complicated football coach. It's much easier to accept him for who he is -- a rigid coach who never deviates from his beliefs and values -- and leave it at that.

Players Make a Mockery of Coach Willingham

Jim Moore of the PI comments on some of the better Willingham impressions on the team.

Tyrone Willingham comes across as being pretty uptight. He's also predictable. You know what you're going to get from the UW football coach -- not much. And you'll get it in measured monotone doses, as if war looms. Which is great. His dial-tone delivery never changes. Deep down, very deep down, I love the guy. Love that he closes practices (less to do) and love that he takes everything so seriously (more to mock). Even drill sergeants think he needs to lighten up.

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