Thursday, August 14, 2008


The team hosted the annual 101 club luncheon today. The media was not granted access to the players and Ty Willingham had little to share with the media during his press conference.

Over at TE Kavario Middleton is making a move up the depth charts. He is listed as the #2 behind Walt Winter with Mike Gottleib still sidelined by a strained hammy. Chris Izbicki has temporarily fallen to the bottom of the list. He entered a plea of not guilty today for a couple of misdemeanors he alledgedly committed at the White River Amphitheater. I have no idea of what he thinks he isn't guilty of since he almost broke a breathalyzer with his reading. I guess that is what attorneys are for. I am sure Chris will eventually be forgiven, but don't plan on seeing him play much or at all against Oregon.

The NCAA Clearinghouse admitted that may made a mistake concerning Senio Kelemente's transcipts and he should have been eligible from the start of camp. Not much you can do about the NCAA or the IRS when they make a mistake.

The Huskies have one practice today at 3:30 pm and then another two on Friday.

Ted Miller

Ted Miller continued his series of best case and worst case scenarios with Washington featured today. I like the best case scenario a lot better.

Ted's Best Case

After four lead changes, the Ducks, down 30-28 drive to the Huskies 25. After a QB sneak and a spike, four seconds remain and Matt Evensen comes out for the game-winning field goal.
Blocked, by freshman Kavario Middleton. The Huskies come home to a raucous Husky Stadium and crush No. 15 BYU 35-10.

Ted's Worst Case

Washington starts strong at Oregon, taking a 10-7 lead in the second quarter. But when Jake Locker tries to twist for an extra yard on a third-and-4 run, he hurts his knee. The offense falls silent, and the Ducks roll after halftime, 44-20. The next day, it's revealed that Locker is out for the rest of the season.

Ted's Absolute Worst Case

And Emmert then hires John Mackovic.

Nathan Ware

As usual Nathan puts out something interesting to ponder for Dawgfans.

If you ask any UW fan what UW needs to improve the most in 2008, most would say "play better defense". But, UW's biggest enemy in 2007 was the 2nd half. Obviously, defense is part of that equation. Consider these stats. Here are UW's games from 2007 with the halftime score of each game.

New Commit

Washington picked up a highly touted safety from Fresno California today when Nate Fellner announced he was going to attend UW. Fellner is rated as the 6th best safety recruit in California by Scout. This was good news for the program as Fellner joins four other recruits who have committed over the last thirty days. He chose UW over WSU, Stanford, and san Diego State.

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