Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puppy Chow

TE Mike Gottleib has a pulled hamstring and Walt Winter has been elevated to #1 TE. You would have thought that Izbicki would have moved to #1 but off field problems this past summer is one reason it isn't happening. Another eason is Winter just might be the best blocker and blocking is a more important requirement at this time than pass catching at TE. Kavario Middleton is still swimming like all freshman do. Once he gets the play book down he is still going to need a year in the program to put on the muscle required to block efficiently. With two and a half weeks till the Oregon game Gottleib is going to be most likely ready to play anyway.

Coach Willingham expects Curtis Shaw to return to the program once his family issues are worked out. No timetable on that one but we have heard whispers that it may not till be spring.

Alameda Ta'amu has made a good impression this camp and is expected to join the rotation at defensive tackle. Senio Kelemente should join the team no later than the end of the week. Craig Noble should be getting his test results very soon. If they are positive expect him to hop a plane and be here the next day.

Nathan Ware is Back!

Nathan Ware is back at it after vacillating for the past month on whether he wanted to continue doing his blog. We are all glad that Nathan decided to continue because he does a fantastic job each day.

Part of my hesitation has been my lack of anything good to say. Like many of you, I'd describe my fanhood as "highly irritated" given the state of current affairs. I felt like if I didn't have something good to say I shouldn't say anything at all.

I can feel the pain Nathan.


Dawg10 said...

What a huge relief to find your blog. I am no longer a member of Dawgman due to the negativity by posters and the powers that be... I have found a new home for my info.
Thank Jake,

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks for visiting Jake. I am glad you like the blog.

I love the information available over at Dawgman. I have been a member, and friend of Dave, Chris, and Kim since they started.

The boards over there go through good and bad cycles. Right now it is extremely negative, but the worm will turn with a few wins.

prrbrr said...

dawg10, welcome to johnb's blog. He started it a few years ago because the stuff at Dman was getting bad. I too came over here along with Hair but keep DMan also, I just used their ignore feature there to make my life happier, and block out the whiners who don't contribute anything. There is still a lot of good info exchange from some great posters once you learn who not to read their rehashed diatribe.
Jb, Glad to see Nathan is back, looking forward to your exchanges with him again this season