Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Puppy Chow - Kelemete Starting at DT

Some rumblings are going on out there that Husky LB EJ Savannah is getting closer to rejoining the football team. Willingham mentioned on KJR with the Groz that EJ was getting closer but still had more to do without being definitive. We have always known that he was going to miss camp with his broken arm and that it would need some physical therapy once the cast came off. the earliest most people thought he could physically go would have been Oklahoma.

The biggest question right now in my mind is if Savannah wants to even come back and play for Willingham at this point? EJ doesn't have a redshirt year left so if he transferred he would have to sit this year out the rest of this season and only have one year left. Seems to me the coach has the leverage.

Ty-Tyee Discipline Gate Redux

Bud Withers of the Seattle Times runs his look at the JC Cornell debacle and the signs that Ty may be cracking under the pressure. The Seattle Times had the extra motivation to run this story after Ty Willingham cut Bob Condotta off from asking questions that would be answered in the press conferences.

In a perfect world they would just allow Molly Yanity to read softball questions during the conference from a prepared and approved script. I wonder if DM's Chris Fetters is still running the stairs for asking the EJ Savannah questions?
Senio Kelemete
Senio Kelemete has defied all reasonable odds by becoming a starter at DT after coming to camp almost a couple of weeks late. That means one of two things.

  1. The kids that were there before he arrived were not very good.

  2. The coaches project Kelemete as a future All American candidate.

It seems to be more of number two because Kelemete showed up to camp in absolutely perfect shape and has a motor similar to Daniel Teo Nesheim. Sources are telling me that Kelemete is the best looking Husky DL since JWF was a freshman.

Alameda Ta'amu isn't all that far behind and will also see a lot of action this year. He also hit camp in good shape despite weighing in close to 350 pounds. Look for Washington to try to play a rotation of at least eight defensive linemen this year in an effort to keep everyone fresh and keep attacking the ball.

Nathan Ware

"The question of the day is "how did UW end up with 2 true freshmen in their starting lineup for the season opener on the road?". I'm OK with TB Chris Polk starting the game. By all accounts, he's a freak of nature. But, the fact that Senio Kelemete is starting at DT speaks to how the other DT played during training camp."

Nathan - I think Kelemete is going to be a player right out of the box.

The News Tribune Husky Section

The News Tribune has come out with its annual pre season section previewing the Husky football team.

Click the link to read five juicy stories on your favorite team.

Craig Noble

The Huskies will receive word one way or another today on if Craig Noble passed his California Exit Exam test. Since he has missed the entire camp it is likely he will red shirt or delay enrollment until January.


Anonymous said...

That Bud Withers article is terrible. The heat is on Ty, everyone knows it, why publish an article like this?

I think we should applaud a guy who is getting icy serious about his position and taking action even if slightly irrational. The alternative is having a coach who doesn't care and is complacent during a time he knows everything is on the line. Clearly we don't want that.

We all know the reality with Coach Willingham, no need to rub it in his face if he gets a bit fired up about stuff.

John Berkowitz said...

When Willingham starts treating people better, people will start treating Willingham better.

The Condotta incident was just ridiculous.

Just because you don't like the message don't shoot the messenger.

The guy gets paid 1.5 million per year, he better care, and he should act better in public.

Anonymous said...

There is no N in Kelemete, but great news that he is starting because he deserves it and not simply because the DT's are terrible.

Anonymous said...

So, today is almost over and still no word about Noble. This guy must be some national security issue, word about him is so hard to come by. Since things are obviously dragging on and on, much longer than previously reported, we'd appreciate your posting of any official word you can squeeze from your sources.

John Berkowitz said...

I liked Kelemente better ;).

Nothing on Noble yet sad to say. Seems the test results are locked up at his school and they can't find anyone who has access to them.

The longer this drags on the worse it looks.

Nathan said...

Hi John,
Yeah, you might be right about Kelemete. But, I've never liked playing true freshmen linemen. Too many of them end up like Ceasar Rayford where you're kicking yourself when they are a senior because you could see that they would have been outstanding in their 5th year.

John Berkowitz said...

Nathan - I agree with you, but with the lack of depth and talent it as a foregone conclusion that youth would be served on the DL.

Kelemete is really going to be good from what I am hearing. Winning a starting job in ten days is pretty awesome.