Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oregon's Nate Costa Doubtful

It looks like Justin Roper is going to be starting next Saturday night against Washington. Coach Mike Bellotti said that they would know the extent of Costa's injury after he is examined by the team Orthopedist on Sunday. He said at this point it was doubtful that Costa would play against Washington.

Roper is a different type of QB than a Costa or a Dixon. The 6'6 Roper simply is not as mobile as those two. This slows down the game a bit for Washington. Roper is a decent QB but he won't give the Huskies as many reads as Costa would have. Washington will be able to key more on the Oregon running backs who will be attacking Washington's young defensive line.

Costa was going to be the starter this year over Roper because he had a lot more upside. Roper out performed in camp this fall but most felt that Costa would be the better QB over the long term. He fits what Oregon likes to do a lot better than Roper.

The line in this game is two touchdowns in favor of Oregon but in my mind the gap has been closing between the two over fall camp.

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hairofthedawg said...

I'm looking forward to an immobile target and hope we can take advantage. We need to, both for winning the game and building confidence with the youngsters.