Monday, August 04, 2008

Puppy Chow - Press Conference

Washington football's 2008 fall camp gets underway today when the Huskies hold the first official practice of the season. The Huskies will be just 26 days away from their season-opener Aug. 30 vs. Oregon in Eugene.

Coach Willingham will address the media in a 12:00 p.m. Pacific time press conference.

New Commit

Dawgman is reporting that Dallas, TX HS CB Kenneth Pinkard has committed to Washington after going home to discuss things with his parents after an unofficial visit to Washington last weekend. Baylor, Illinois, and TCU were the other schools that were showing him some interest. He is listed at 5'10 180, and runs a 4.55. The Huskies are also interested in one of the other players on his team a safety by the name of Kevin Brent who is a big time prospect.

Press Conference Bites

Lets start off with the news that LB EJ Savannah is no longer listed on the official roster which is bad news for the defense. No word yet if the omission is permanent, but it is obvious the coaches were getting pretty fed up with him. The breaking the arm story while arm wrestling was a bit hard to swallow.

Another piece of bad news is freshman DT Senio Kelemente, and S Vince Taylor are also missing from the roster along with DT Craig Noble, QB Dominique Blackman, and RB Demetrius Bronson. We knew about the later three, but Kelemente, and Taylor were supposedly admitted and on campus for the bridge program.

Sounds like NCAA Clearinghouse problems for Taylor, and Kelemente which means they could be resolved any time between this afternoon, and next year.

WR Chancellor Young is back with the team after quitting a couple of years back. I have been following him since he was a freshman in HS and he is a pretty good athlete. That being said he quit at Duke after playing his first year, transferred to UW where he promptly quit again after earning playing time. Young is listed as a senior, not sure if he has one year left or two at this point.


Well it looks like all the subtractions are academic including EJ Savannah. He has some more work to do this summer before he can become eligible. He could come back in a week, or never, its up to him to get it done.

The other kids are Clearing House related which means the NCAA hasn't signed off on their credits yet, once again that could be tomorrow, or next month, you never know.

As usual with Willingham nothing is ever crystal clear.

RS TE Chris Izbicki is in a little trouble with the law after getting arrested for under aged drinking and being a pain in the butt at the White River Amphitheater.

I heard about the incident a couple of weeks ago but I don't release that stuff till it hits the newspapers. No word on how Willingham is going to deal with that, but it shouldn't be too serious because it is just a couple of misdemeanors.

There are still a few other things simmering out there that "Paint Dry Ty" didn't deal with today.

First practice today at 3:45 PM Pacific

The Huskies practice for the first time this afternoon with a full media barrage in attendance. Count on this to be one of the few practices that will be open this season. Ty usually lets the media watch for the first twenty minutes before banishing them tot he press room. After that he usually has a press conference to let the media know what happened during practice. Since he opened the day with a press conference we won't here from him for a bit.

One thing that hasn't changed if you watched the press conference today was Ty Willingham. He was his usual evasive self. The guy may be on the hot seat but he is isn't changing anything. It would have been nice if he had shed a little light on EJ Savannah's situation, or what Kelemente and Taylors chances were of making it in while camp is going on. I mean it doesn't take much to show you give a crap to the fans and media.

For some reason Ty walks around with this big chip on his shoulder which is odd for a guy who makes $1.5 million per year living in one of the best cities in the world. How tough can it be to not be a dick all the time? The guy is his own worst enemy, and its getting kind of hard to buy his schtick when he tells you everyone is in, but when practice starts everyone isn't in.

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Academics, legal issues rock UW football team!

You know as well as I do that everyone will be back before after first game. It wasn't like EJ was going to be able to play the first three games anyway. I am not too concerned about Kelemente, and Taylor they are pretty close, they just need a little more time with the NCAA clearing house. that type of stuff happens every year with every program.

Molly Yanity is a talented writer, but not a great reporter, or beat writer, she just mails it in every day and follows the lead of Bob Condotta over at the Times. C'mon Molly, you can do better than that. What is with the sensationalist head line about much ado about nothing?

As for Ty, thanks for turning the deal into a circus by not letting anyone in the media know that all the kids who were in the bridge program weren't qualified. Typical Willingham!

Another Commitment

West Seattle CB Aaron Grymes has committed to UW. Grymes blew up the camp earlier this year but nobody has really heard of the 5'11 170 lb CB till his commitment today. Who was the last UW commit from West Seattle? Could it be George Jugam? Grymes is a kid that nobody has heard of, but his performance at camp opened up a lot of eyes.

Practice Notes

Incoming OL Mykenna Ikehara appeared to be playing at center, and drew a lot of oohs and ahs for a standoff with Cameron Elisara in a one-on-one drill.

Nice comment by Bob Condotta of the Times, and other observers. A true frosh offensive lineman should never handle a third year DL who is expected to anchor the interior of the Husky defensive line. With Senio Kelemente, and Craig Noble temporarily ineligible this is a real area of concern. Alameda Ta'amu is going to be counted on to produce this year.

Give a lot of credit for Ikehara coming in ready to play, the kid is a potential four year starter after redshirting this season.

Cody Bruns is performing as expected and will be in the rotation with Goodwin, Shaw, Kearse, Hawkins, Aguilar, Boyles, and Logan.

Brandon Johnson seems to be recovered from minor knee surgery and will enter camp as the starter. The Huskies are having an open audition for his backups. It looks like Washington will go with a three back rotation that will likely include Chris Polk who practiced all day with the TB's.

Jake Locker was visibly improved today which is a very good thing since most of the offensive production in 2008 will be on his shoulders. Jakes goal is to complete 65% of his passes this year which would be a big improvement over the 47% he completed last season. If he accomplishes that goal it will really be something. Put me down for 55% which would be a huge improvement.

Juan Garcia participated today and is on track to play by game four. He still isn't ruling himself out for Oregon, but that is a real long shot. Matt Sedillo will start while he is out, but Ryan Tolar is also getting reps to prepare himself for a backup role.


Chris said...

Not a good year to begin the season with a conference game much less having to play at Oregon. The team has a lot of work to do in a short time.

John Berkowitz said...

This is Ty's best team, but the schedule is brutal. He does have a lot more bullets in his gun.

Bryan said...

You made the Izbicki mistake again. Its not Mike, its chris.

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks Brian!