Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ducks Have Edge in Experience

One big reason the the odds makers have Oregon as a two touchdown favorite is the big edge they have in experience over the the Huskies.

The most telling statistics listed below show that the Ducks are returning 53 lettermen compared to only 30 for Washington. The Ducks experience rating is 2.88 which means this team is close to averaging out as juniors. The Huskies on the other hand measure out more like a team made up of redshirt freshman and true sophomores with a 2.12 average.

A big key for Washington in this game will be getting a significant boost from almost thirty players who will be playing in their first college football game. Chris Polk, Alvin Logan, Senio Kelemete, and Quinton Richardson will be starting for the first time in their very first games as Huskies. The rest of the group is going to get the chance to make an immediate impact too.

New Husky Blood for 2008

QB Ronnie Fouch RS
TB Chris Polk
TB Willie Griffin RS
TB Brandon Yakaboski RS
WR Alvin Logan RS
WR Devin Aguilar
WR Jordan Polk
WR Cody Bruns
WR Jermaine Kearse
WR Anthony Boyles
WR Chancellor Young*
TE Mike Izbicki RS
TE Kavario Middleton
TE Romeo Savant* RS
OL Nick Scott*
OL Scott Fancher RS
OL Mark Armelin RS
OL Scott Schugert RS

DL Senio Kelemete
DL Alameda Ta'amu
DL Everette Thompson
DL Tyrone Duncan RS
DL Nick Wood RS
DL Kelani Aldrich RS
LB Kurt Mangum
LB Cort Dennison RS
CB Quinton Richardson RS
CB Marquis Persley RS
S Tripper Johnson*

Returning Offensive Starters

7 Washington
5 Oregon

Returning Defensive Starters

6 Washington
7 Oregon

Returning Lettermen

30 Washington
53 Oregon

Lost Lettermen

23 Washington
21 Oregon

Average Experience

2.12 yrs Washington
2.88 yrs Oregon


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that this would be an exciting development of the Husky squad if it was Ty's second year. should we ask why? or take the water under the bridge approach and look to the future.

Looking forward, if they pull out a win in Eugene, it will start a fantastic era of Husky football. If they get slaughtered, it should cement the rivalry with the quackers and motivate this young squad to work feverishly to get back on top.

John Berkowitz said...

If this was Ty's second year he would be in pretty good shape. In year four he is in trouble. This was always going to be a five year rebuilding program. Next year this team could be pretty good.

We find out how good they will be on 2008 Saturday night in Eugene.

bigdave967 said...

I think that the inexperience could be a good thing. How many times to highly regarded freshmen runningbacks become monsters. It happens every year and why not for the Huskies. They have a veteran O-Line and QB which are the most important positions.

I cannot wait for Saturday!

Anonymous said...

This is why Ty W. should be given an extension immediately. He is having to recruit with one hand tied behind his back due to the uncertainty of his future. The resulting lack of success will become a self-fullfilling prophesy and is harming the long-term recovery of the program. Placing too much emphasis on the W-L record this year given the youth/inexperience as well as the tough schedule is not fair to Ty or the other coaches or to the program in general. Hopefully Emmert can/will see this and give Ty at least the full five years he was originally promised.

Anonymous said...

Call me wghat you want but I think the Husky are about to serve notice that the tide has turned. We are goingto beat Oregon!!!!

John Berkowitz said...

I don't agree that Willingham should be given an extension immediately.

Anyone who watched last years team knows we were out schemed alsmost every week.

He isn't a great game day coach, he doesn't recruit hard enough, and he is a PR disaster.

Willingham isn't a very good fit at Washington. Ty isn't happy here.

If Ty does pull off a winning record this season I wouldn't be surprised at all if he used as leverage to take another job somewhere else.